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detailing my own version of sex and the city

October 2017

For the saucy backstory, catch up on @stoprubgo:241017 before reading 🎭 Part II #r21 #coffeemeetsbagel #cmbtales

So sorry for not updating HAHAHA will update tmr. In the meantime I'm off for a little side liasion with ⚃ hehe today's the day he cashes in on his v card ;)

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Okay mega lag HAHA was sooo busy with work ugh haven't had time to provide a breakdown of my date.🎭 ; that's quite an apt emoji for him. We've only been talking for about a week or so but we're both artsy people with a sardonic, dry sense of humour so conversation was great yay.Was originally supposed to go for a midnight movie with him on fri but he postponed to sun AND changed the first part of the date into a group setting.Fking cannot LOLOLOL social anxiety mad triggered hahaha

Well.I had a pretty fantastic date with 🎭. We also snuck into a nearby building/restaurant and things went dowwwwwwnnnnnnn (actly only I did HAHA)#R21 #coffeemeetsbagel #cmbtales

To clarify ytd's post:He earned cause his company lets him claim up to 35 bux per pax for dinner.Our dinz was 37 bux LOL and i paid a fair amt LOL he rly fking earn that miser DID HE THINK I WLD NOT KNOW LOL SHAMELESS

🍤 is for the limp, pasty, soggy batter dick Guy 1 prolly had. Was a bad date lol not terribly bad but bad that i feel like he mindfucked me instead of fucking my brains out.Pretty sure he was cheap enough to claim our dinner under his company's expenses too.Will bitch about 🍤 more later LOL fking cannot take it.

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