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April 2019

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📍 phostreetimpromptu lunch date with my ma Hehe both of us got the wagyu beef pho thingo (idk what's the actual name but) it was p yums!!!oh yeS i went to submit the docs for bursary before i left school and the bgm was jjlin's songs (鋼琴版? 曲?) at the waiting area :^ ) the waiting time was relatively short tho so i only got to listen to 2 songs but all's good hahaha

to think You don't need a single thing and still You want my heart / it's a grace i could never add up, to be somebody You still want

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眺望星空 你(們)來自愛的宇宙我們約定再重逢// 水仙

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生生你我離別無輒太多遺憾的後悔的 總是在失去了以後

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