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February 2019

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January 2019

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Happy birthday to my dearest baby girl. Love you the most. <3

day one of ritual trial. Haha quite chill, they just show you around the gym and introduce you to all the diff movements. I think the best thing is that it’s very convenient and you don’t have to bring any shoes/socks or even workout clothes. I see people walking in holding nothing? Ok laThese are guys. But erm they didn’t bring extra underwear to change after their workout? Hahahaha

So sad that guava pass has been acquired by classpass. It reminds me of how Uber was acquired by grab and then grab became shit. As it is, classpass had already changed their pricing policy wef Feb 2019 and I would dare say it’s a calculated move. ESP since now they are almost a monopoly. I only hope classpass can improve their app because it really sucks? Guava pass’ app is so much better. And I read that they also retained half of guava pass’ team. I hope it’s the app making team

As a fellow pawrent of a furbaby, my heart absolutely goes out to Elaine and Matt, whose baby passed away under the negligence of PDC 😭 I cannot fathom how they must be feeling now, the questions they have surrounding his death, and the circumstances that had led to it. Poor Prince. 😢 such a sad day. I was hoping fervently that he would be found. Even now, I am still hoping that the preliminary investigation is wrong. That prince is still alive and waiting to be found by his loving pawrents.

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Cute cat in the neighbourhood

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