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June 2019

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Saw a Straits Times article today and just many employers are LIARS.

on turning 30

I'm grateful for many things as I turn 30. 8 years ago when I was crying for days when my grades slipped from 2nd upper to 2nd lower honours and i was deciding whether to extend a semester to try and salvage the grade, if someone had told me things would be ok, i would have sobbed liar and continued wallowing in regret.

May 2019

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I love the way the morning light falls on my wallet!

I wish I have more than 24 hours a day. I wish I have more self-discipline...although I suspect much of my problems would be resolved with an office gym or a quiet study place.


Came across an old article on on a tribe's rites of passage in the Amazon forest and have been thinking about this quote ever since:"The lesson is that it pays to develop your resilience in a deliberate way. It pays to have a perspective on pain so you know it’s not the end of the world, and, when you’re in pain, it pays to have some awareness of where sensations end and your feelings about them begin. Remember that next time it hurts."

April 2019

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on choices and pain

Finally found a nice image of this quote online.

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