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One month since I became Mrs 🎉 | Pre-wedding Review Part 1

It's been a month since #chiamtochen happened! 😍 In fact not alot of changes cuz we have been staying with each other before our wedding. Only status changed. Honeymoon period now and I hope this phase can last as long as possible! 🙏

From #dayrebrides to #dayrewives 😂

I have yet to receive my AD photos from my pg 😭

Why so long? Is it normal? They told me one month but when I asked them, they say now year end a bit busy so they promised me by 10th next month. Already waited so long I don't mind waiting, photo please be nice k? 🙏🙏🙏

Shall do a review for my pre-wedding shoot!

So we engaged 2 bridal shops for our pre-wedding, both in jb. After visiting some bridal shops (BS) in sg, we decided to pay a visit to jb and check out theirs! Why jb BS you might ask?

1. We wanted to save money
2. I wanted all soft copies return

But after visiting 2 BS, I realised they also don't have "all soft copy return" so we gave up this point and I just wanna quickly settle the BS. So we were comparing between Destino and Castalia, lazy to visit more.

So we decided on Castalia!

Firstly because of the gown fitting experience I had with both BS.

I love love Destino fitting area, it's so grand and beautiful. Let me see if I can find any picture..

Not sure if this picture is clear enough but this is their fitting area. One corner all by yourself, with a huge sofa for your husband or family to sit there!

Looking back at my photos, my hair was so short during the start of wedding preparation! Within slightly less than a year,my hair grew just nice for my wedding!

The main reason why we (or maybe I) didn't choose Destino in the end was because I didn't have the princessy feel after training their gowns. Not much love feel. And the worst thing was, one of the gown I tried (if I'm not wrong, should be this one in the pic) was torn! And the coordinator told me "doesn't matter one, cannot see in picture, we will edit away".

To me is, "why would I want to wear a torn gown?" Right?

So why Castalia then?

The person who spoke to us wasn't any sales coordinator, but it was the photographer! And we felt that this BS is very different. They focus alot on their photos and the pg seems really good.

This was one of their pictures that I really like. The way they collage the pictures! (other than the husband la 😂, but the wife quite pretty)

Sadly in the end we didn't do this cuz it will be 9 chosen pictures!

And of course the "feel" after gown fitting was better than the one after Destino.

But all these are based on personal preference! There are people who took Destino and they love it too.

The picture I posted in the morning is from Castalia's photoshoot! 😍

This is Castalia's fitting area, change and walk out to the "living area" and look at the big mirror. And of course, everyone in the shop will look at you too.

One of my pw shoot with them! Bought this mask cuz my gown is black colour and I wanted a different feel for our shoot!

With the hubby! 😘

Of course we have the sweet sweet kind of picture too! 😍

I love this off shoulder gown but I didn't choose this for AD cuz it's a bit old already and there's no long tail.

I love the feel after they edited this pic! 😍


Oh ya, my flower crown is customized by a very talented lady I knew from budget bride and it's very affordable! Love it, no regrets doing it. Since it's artificial flowers, I can keep as long as I like. Husband asked me to sell it off but I bu she de la, and maybe no one keen to buy. I told him I can wear it during maternity shoot or next time we go Bali etc 😂

No doubt on their pg, he's good! The photos turned out to be better than expected. Their makeup artist is good too! I was so worried before my shoot but turned out her makeup skills is really good! 👍

But the thing to take note about Castalia, their package works like sg BS. Give you about 35 photos and during selection of photo, chances of adding more photo is high. And they have very limited mermaid gowns, so ladies who is super into mermaid perhaps have to rent from other places like me.

I guess all brides will be biased to their own pictures! Haha.

Thanks to @lilachoney for encouraging me to review about my wedding. Bring back so much memories after looking back at the process and pictures! There you go! 🙌

Will continue my pre-wedding part 2 and AD soon! ✌😘

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Monday, 21 Nov 2016

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lilachoney (avatar)

lilachoney Hi babe! Sorry to ask u but will u be doing a review of your wedding vendors? Saw the details of your kua and it's very pretty! Thanks!

2 years ago

sshhuuyyii (avatar)

sshhuuyyii @lilachoney hi dear, at first is nope cuz I didn't expect anyone will wanna read my review. maybe after I receive my AD pic, I can do one:)

2 years ago

lilachoney (avatar)

lilachoney Haha I'm keen to hear your reviews :) am sure Btbs on dayrebrides will also be keen as well! Looking forward!!

2 years ago

lilachoney (avatar)

lilachoney Gorgeous photos 😍

2 years ago

sshhuuyyii (avatar)

sshhuuyyii @lilachoney thank you dear, too nice of you! ☺

2 years ago

lilachoney (avatar)

lilachoney Nono! Haha! You really look very pretty! If convenient to share, may I know who did the floral crown? It's very nice

2 years ago

sshhuuyyii (avatar)

sshhuuyyii @lilachoney thank you, I'm flattered! anw, the floral crown is done up by a lady called Pinky Pang, you can try contacting her via fb and say Shuyi introduced one. I don't think there's any of her workpiece in her fb, but try contacting her and discuss. she's very friendly:)

2 years ago

yinglene (avatar)

yinglene so pretty!

2 years ago

tebisha (avatar)

tebisha Pretty!

2 years ago

sshhuuyyii (avatar)

sshhuuyyii @yinglene @tebisha thank you ladies!! ☺

2 years ago

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