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January 2019

Perils of a Preschool Husband by Roy Freeman

“Nineteen years of this, and for some reason, I love it more than ever. I know that I must be part of an army of men who never go into a store without keeping an eye open for stuff that might be useful to their preschool-teacher wives.

When my big boss dropped the bomb on me about the restructuring and promotion, one of the questions she asked me was if my husband to be is supportive of me to continue working. I told her yes, but I am personally also thinking if I should work part time or not work at all, so as to be there for my future kid’s formative years.

Very big shoes to fill

My big boss arranged a meeting for me and my 2 other superiors yesterday to announce some major restructuring in the organisation... The outcome of the restructuring bumps me up in my appointment (aka promotion)...... and my other 2 superiors will be taken out to start a whole new department. The promotion and them being taken out meant that I will have to learn the ropes of my 2 other superiors’ roles and work too.

R and I will be running at one of the park connectors today! There are 3 objectives to this. One is to work out and be active, the other is to TRAIN FOR THE MARATHON 😭 and lastly, is to take the opportunity to check out the residential areas around the park connectors 😂 Well, this is one of our criterias for selecting a house for our home mentioned in an earlier entry... that our home will be near good and scenic running & cycling routes!

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