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July 2019

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Bakkwa Cheesecake // Newfound Friends

The Husband turned 31 this July, and he spent his birthday.... taking a flight from Melbourne to Singapore. Great that he loves taking flights though; I would be absolutely bummed having to spend my birthday on one!We celebrated his birthday in advance with his family prior to our Aussie trip, but I decided to get him another cake when we were back heh. (I just wanted an excuse to buy a cake that’s all)

June 2019

Our Wedding Video

Continuing from my previous post about my wedding videographer...I finally viewed my fully edited video footage last night!

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It’s 8 months since the wedding, and my wedding video is finallyyy out.We were informed by our videographers that they needed “more time” to process the videos as one of their team members left the team, and they were extremely short-handed. Didn’t quite expect “more time” to mean 8 months though. We sent a reminder during CNY period this year (Feb), but didn’t get a reply till May >< honestly I had also forgotten about the video already and did not actively follow-up.

May 2019

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So this Mother’s Day... I decided to make my own floral arrangements to the mothers in my life.Attended a basic floral arrangement workshop with my mum last November, and decided to put the newfound knowledge into practice this Mother’s Day! It also made sense to do the arrangements in more quantities, since I was going to buy the flowers in bunches from Far East Flora.

April 2019

Getting started on this #dayrehomes journey, after graduating from dayrebrides last year. Our TOP is in Dec this year, but because I like planning ahead, we have started reaching out to IDs after CNY. Over the past 2 months plus, we met up with 5 IDs.

February 2019

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Steaming my lunches in Office // Wedding Storybook

It just occured to me that apart from today being Valentine’s Day... it is also my 4 month wedding monthsary!CNY as a married woman =✅ eating 2 rounds of reunion dinners (one with the in-laws, and another with my huge extended family at my ah ma’s house) ✅ Visiting 13 houses in 初一 and 初二(天啊 this was soooo exhausting how did I even do it!!) ✅ Giving angbaos (but received some too!)

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