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May 2019

I rly wish I’m staying in this condo :(Can come down to study and if wanna errr shit can go up lol They have public toilets ard the swimming pool la but I hate shitting in public toiletssssss

Thought I’m craving for tealive‘ hot choco, think I will just settle for subway ba. Lazy to run so many places 🙃

April 2019

When you think your face is slowly improving + cover with make up it will look o-k....But your friend said “why you wanna work as xxx next time you see now you study only your skin also like that dy. you look very Chan leh now” :((((

Bro: later we find mom for lunch ah Me: not free ah u go yourself la I need to go classBro: not free not free la! Talk until like that ba ba bai bai Lolol wtf. Ya la my tone also got problem but I think the reason I’m like that is because his tone is like he’s INSTRUCTING me to go? Last night also like that. Fuck u la

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