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Courage, dear heart

October 2018

In time

I gave everything to you. I gave up everyone for you. The hurt I felt, though small in comparison to everything that followed after, still leaves a void that I find almost impossible to fill. I find myself always seeking for more. A bigger person. A bigger heart. More love. More affection. Or at least a better outlet to keep me grounded. I don’t think I ever did love myself after. I don’t think I ever did heal and I don’t think I was ever ready

August 2018

Not just yet

To choose the fear, to be raw, to be vulnerable, to be transparentTo be lost in someone, is a terribly nervous thingMy heart is on fire But I’m not crazy enough just yet Love is still dark, love still leaves a bitter taste Love still leaves me with scars that rip open when things get all too familiar again, and fears that never stop suffocating me To opening up again, to trusting again, to saying yes all over again - how do I find the courage to love once more?Can I walk away?

May 2018

Tales of an endless heart Cursed is the fool who’s willing Have I come too far down?

March 2018


You scoff at the sight of tears Only because you refuse to be vulnerable to your feelings You were never the type to talk about your emotionsOnly the ones I see When expressed in your eyes red and blueOn my body black and blue I can’t figure it all out The feeling and the cure

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