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April 2019

One of those days where I’m feeling very blessed because:1. I’m in one of my favourite stations - PVG2. The load up was 14...3. and we got to choose work positions hehe 4. and my gamble paid off cuz I got the work position I wanted also for the return sector home tomorrow 5. I’ve finished my 4-course dinner... 6. and am currently waiting for my masseuse to come for my 3h long massage WHEE

Can we block people on Dayre? Cuz this current EP seriously pisses the shit out of me. Now I have to see her posts on my timeline too!? You got to be kidding me.

March 2019

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la langue française et moi

The one question I ALWAYS get asked by my fellow colleagues is: “Why do you wanna be a French crew?” My answer varies along the lines of - “don’t you think the language sounds very nice?”- (as cliche as it is) “I like Paris!”- “Paris flights are much easier to do than London” (LOL) depending on my mood at that time/and cuz tbh I don’t think people actually wanna hear the long-ass version so ok let’s go easy on your ears.

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off to work on 4h of sleep and I left my coffee in the fridge 😭

2 weeks of not flying and it’s back to the grind today - may it be a smooth flight with no drama and whatsoever. I cannot wait to land in Japan tho hehe. I rarely get rostered Japanese flights (up till today I have not done Fukuoka/Nagoya and it’s not like I’ll be getting it anytime soon) and I don’t really like to do Japanese flights also. BUT I changed for this cuz I really really really, like desperately, need to get more of my fave eyeliner and hair wax hahahahah

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