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April 2018

Cleon popped a tooth afew days ago! Although I’m excited but I kinda feel upset about it. I didn’t expect teething so soon... I was expecting maybe closer to a year but then again.. he’s already 7 months. I know why they say a child’s growing years (first year specifically) is so so important now. The growth in the first year is the fastest for a human being (quoted and I agree, by my gynae). Imagine one year we’re just Husband and Wife. And the next year?

March 2018

I survived my first work week!! Just 3 days. Somehow things always fall into place for me, for hubs. We brought it up on numerous occasions about it before and agreed - we are truly blessed. Previous year didn’t go well at all. And fhis year is going to be tough, but hopefully rewarding. I miss Cleon so so so much now that I’m working, and it truly made me treasure the little hours we have together. I’m more patient with him now πŸ™ƒ

January 2018

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Bought this for Cleon. Hahaha $8.90 from miniso only plus so soft and squiddly. Even hubs couldnt say no. There’s so much stuff on my to-buy list 😿1. Storage bottles2. New feeding bottles 3. Another medela pump kit if I’m continuing to pump - no longer like spectra cos the parts wear off so fast. And too many tubes. 4. New tubing5. Bagpack6. Wider and more cooling nursing cover

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when to wean?

Weaning has been popping up in my mind more frequently than ever. A few reasons why. Feel sad thinking about it and most of all, θˆδΈεΎ—. Most recent spate of clogged ducts gave me an awesome opportunity when it cut my supply. I took this chance to drag pump sessions. Right now, I’ve been on 4 pumps per day for 5 days now! Oddly, supply is creeping back up at 1.8 litres. Then the dilemma comes, with 6hrs between pumps, it could mean easier to manage. So continue bfing? I’m trying..

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