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updated 1 month ago

Procrastinating from packing for my Seoul flight which is early Thursday morning/late night tmr! Have some thoughts on dayre 2.0 but honestly, I’m quite disappointed in the way the new team has chosen to release information bit by bit.

I understand that running a business and trying to get a feel of the community’s vibes is difficult, but in all honesty just push back the release if it’s not finalized?

Don’t feel like it’s fair to the users and writers and content creators to be so ambiguous.

Also not sure I believe in the need for a gated community! Yes there are repercussions if everyone can access this content but not all of them would be bad...

And I strongly believe in the power of self censorship. Some might say it’s being politically correct but as an adult and a part of society I don’t disprove the notion that it’s a social obligation to understand that words and opinions have power. Power to change things, power to hurt people, power to embolden action.

Learning to be a part of society is learning what can be said and what cannot, and what should be said and what should not.

Or if you choose to say things no one likes to hear, then be prepared to bear the burden of your words.

But anyway, who am I to make these decisions??

I’ll probably stay, unless it’s an exorbitant amount! I like having some place to write, and share unflattering photos of myself, and ask hypothetical questions. Not sure if there’ll be people left to read and share...

But as I mentioned before, I was here from the beginning of dayre. I still remember launch day!

And I guess I’ll be here till the end, if it comes, though I much rather it be later instead of sooner.

And for all of you who will still be here when dayre 2.0 kicks in, maybe it’ll finally be time to share things I’ve always wanted to share. Like my crazy handbag collection, or how I met my boyfriend, or the outcome of my konmari journey! Hahaha!

Here’s to hoping y’all stay on with me ♥️

Day 99

Tuesday, 9 Apr 2019

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nite_stars (avatar)

nite_stars i agree on how they are not transparent about the whole dayre platform. releasing info in bits is really annoying.
as much as i would like to stay, i also would want to know how many readers (i’m guessing no more silent readers) and writers are left here.
probably give it a go for a couple of months before deciding. in fact, when i see many private posts, it’s quite frustrating. 😞

1 month ago

soufflesecrets (avatar)

soufflesecrets I am sure they’re not having an easy time of it too, but being open and having honest conversations would be the better route to go on! And yessss agree with you on the private posts! I’d rather NOT see that you’ve posted anything, if that makes sense. Let it be truly private? If ykwim @nite_stars

1 month ago

Opstey (avatar)

Opstey Will be staying and hopefully try keeping up with my writing too 🙂

1 month ago

bababoo88 (avatar)

bababoo88 Yayyyy to the sharing part!!! Can’t wait!

1 month ago

Chinadolllawya (avatar)

Chinadolllawya I'm staying and would love to read all of the above posts!! ❤️

1 month ago

awriann (avatar)

awriann Will stay on just to read those posts haha

1 month ago

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