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Seoul far so good

Having trouble sleeping because there is a MOFO mosquito in my room and I’m getting bitten like crazy but I can’t seem to catch the damned thing so thought I’d update on my seoul trip!

It was my first time to seoul and honestly I wish I did a lot more research!! I went with two girlfriends who had gone before, one of them also goes to seoul super often like 2x a year type, and so I kinda trusted them with it but I forgot I’m very particular especially with food lol, so yeah....

Anw we took the red eye flight out of SG and I managed to book a car on KKDAY to come pick us up from the airport. It was kinda last minute and also cheaper than klook so still okay with that!

This is Shan using her freaking gimbal to watch her Korean drama 😂 she didn’t even realise it was a stabilizer until I told her, she thought it was a selfie stick!!! Hilarious

Anw we checked into our hotel (which turned out to be so mediocre even though it was so expensive very sad) and headed out in search of food

Found this very trippy looking ice cream vending machine but didn’t have the appetite for it cos I wanted real food haha

Posting this to share the name of the restaurant! This is Pro Soy Crab and I didn’t even know there was a Gangnam outlet because it’s so hard to find information in English but luckily it turns up in Naver Maps hehhe

The banchan here was pretty good too

Shan ordered a portion of live octopus just to try as her husband doesn’t eat this sorta thing so she said this is her chance lol

Verdict: overrated!!!

The texture is just too impossible to chew.

Also at one point shan spat some out and said, woah that was a fierce one! Because it had tried to stick to her throat lol omg

Anw what we came for was the soy sauce marinated crabs

Pretty damn pricy but so GOOD. Am very glad this was my first meal of the trip! Also very glad that we didn’t get food poisoning cos that would have been a bummer. Didn’t think about that until it was too late anyway haha

I googled and they recommended ordering rice to mix it into the shell to eat and DAMN it was sooo good.

Completely demolished in like 30 minutes

A beautiful Sakura tree in the courtyard of the restaurant where we had lunch!

After lunch we took a cab over to Cheongdam where our spa was! Hehe this trip was a purely girl’s trip, so we did lotsa spa, some shopping, and a lot of eating!

Tried out Shangpree for the first time, and have been wanting to ever since I saw on songofstyle’s instagram that the facials are v good hehe

Unfortunately I think it’s a bit overhyped? The facial is rlly gentle lah but it’s quite pricey also, I paid about 400000KRW for their signature facial and a lymphatic massage.

Slept through it

Hehe spotted a cute little shiba in the very hypebeasty shop next door

Walked into a random donut shop after the facial and we wanted to try but it was sold out!!! Cute interiors tho.

Headed over to a lifestyle shop I found online called Queenmama market (although it’s called Qeenmama on google maps lol)

It’s v cute tho!

They even sell beautiful flowers hehe so pretty these ranunculus

Lots of cute quirky things, home Ware etc

Apparently they change their colour scheme every now and then, cos someone commented on my friend’s insta that “oh it’s pink now”

Fragrance display also can be so creative 👌🏼 really gotta give it to them for their VM

Really kinda wanted to buy everything!

They also had a shop that claimed to be eco friendly but I didn’t feel like it was??? Like everything still wrapped in plastic lol I don’t get it but ok good try I guess

Bookstore for grown ups lol

Cherry blossoms outside the balcony!

Shan took this of me and when I saw it I was like WOW LOOK AT MY POST FACIAL GLOWWWWWW wearing nothing but SPF and the creams they put on me

But also got one pimple lol

There was also a cafe on the top floor and it was cute too

More cherry blossoms

Headed to Omiga for dinner! Thought it would have been interesting to have lots of banchan but the reality is that all their banchan is cold and it was a rlly cold day so it wasn’t even satisfying lol.... sad.

We almost ate it all though! Definitely an experience but I’m okay with not having another dinner like this

Saw that there was a BHC fried chicken place down the road so off we went for second dinner

Uh it was okay only lah. But at least the food was hot!

Anw next day Poon arrived too and we all headed to Myeongdong for lunch and some shopping!

This was recommended to me by like 3 people hehe so safe to say I definitely had to go try it!

MYEONGDONG KYOJA! Super yummy and also we were so hungry lah but I rlly liked it!

Noodles were silkyyyy AF and the broth was tasty and the dumplings were v satisfying. If I didn’t stay so far for sure I’d have come back for another meal if I could! Only downside is their menu is v limited and their kimchi is crap lol

Also decided to stop by Isaac Toast to try

Uh ok only we had egg drop much later in the trip but their bread is better haha

After doing a teeny bit of shopping we headed to Lucy Coffee which I saw from a friend’s insta

They have a range of drinks and mostly sweets

My pals going crazy with the pastries

A bit too crazy

Such a pretty space tho! Very industrial minimalist

White sneaker pals

Headed to shinsegae and before we could even start shopping shan had to stop for icecream but it was sadly mediocre also

Wow inside the mall there’s a carnival swing also haha crazy

Dinner that night was bbq at Two Plus! It was pretty good but I wouldn’t say it’s a must go either.... luckily it wasn’t too far from our hotel otherwise I would have been pretty sad about it haha

I also found this cafe on Instagram and damn it looked good

There’s a rooftop seating area too that would have been nice if it were not so cold

This is what we came for!! TIRAMISUUUU

Killed it.

Walked around abit and took photos with cute spots

And there are rlly random places that are open late at night like this flower shop haha

But anw it was cold and we were tired and so took another cab back to the hotel and that’s my first two days in Seoul!

Day 108

Thursday, 18 Apr 2019

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Cheesysurprise (avatar)

Cheesysurprise I miss Korea so much!! I love the food when I was there...but I ate mostly at myeongdong! Hahah always feel when going Seoul, it’s best to go with another foodie!

1 month ago

hugsandkissesss (avatar)

hugsandkissesss I saw you found Queenmama! Sam bought quite abit of stuff there haha. Korean shops have very interesting and are very creative with their VM! Check out Gentle Monster and Tamburins — their VM effort is 😧

Hope you’re having a good time 💕

1 month ago

soufflesecrets (avatar)

soufflesecrets Yeahhh and need to research haha! @Cheesysurprise I feel like if you randomly go into places it’s usually not that great?

1 month ago

soufflesecrets (avatar)

soufflesecrets @hugsandkissesss haha I also wanted to buy lotsa things but quite hard to bring home?? I’m back already lahhh haha

1 month ago

limlokteng (avatar)

limlokteng Hello! Sorry, Super weird question but just wondering where your friend got her sunshade visor from? Super keen to get that hahahaha 😅😂

1 month ago

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