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Tokyo and my cherry blossom dreams

Konnichiwa pals! Lol I’m trying to be up to date with my posts and wanna finish posting about Tokyo before I go to Seoul HAHAHA rlly first world problems but basically I squeezed in a girl’s trip with two of my favourite babes and cos we all travel so much this was actually the only window of time we had πŸ˜ͺ

Anw I’m excited because I haven’t been to Seoul OR Korea EVER BEFORE despite rlly loving Korean food and also at one time being crazy over kdramas. If anyone has any recs pls lemme know!

Anw continuing from my previous post, we took the Shinkansen back from Kanazawa to Tokyo!

The Mountain views the whole way were fantastic πŸ’―πŸ’―

After checking into our hotel I took a solo jaunt out! Can’t lie I was rlly grateful to know my way well enough to be confident exploring Tokyo on my own because I was desperately in need of some alone time hahaa

Headed to Yoyogi Park which is a perennial favourite spot for Hanami, but only because it’s free LOL and people are allowed to drink alcohol here

It was crazy crowded with rowdy drunk people but I’m glad I managed to find some quiet spots also!

HEHE someone used this giant plushie to reserve a spot?!! SO BIG how did they carry it on the train???


Anw I chose yoyogi Park to explore because it’s super near to harajuku and so I could go and shop too! This was taken in the lush lab on omotesando.

Did a bit of vintage shopping and the 90s are really coming back in full force.

Then I stumbled upon Luke’s Lobster (ok lies I always walk past to see if the queue is long or not) and there was NO QUEUE! So of course I had to get one since all I had that day was the sandwich bento on board the train. Oh and breakfast at the resort. Ok fine, I didn’t need the lobster roll but no queue so I can’t NOT have it ykwim???

At least I got the small one hehe ¥990 before tax

Went shopping a teeny bit and LOOK AT THIS PUFFY HANDBAG HAHAHA so squishy and comfy but entirely impractical ~fashunz I guess

Anw it was finally time for dinner and it’s back at my favourite restaurant in Tokyo! And quite possibly the whole world tbh

It’s called Ukai Tei and it’s jap/French teppanyaki 😍

This was a mousse with a sort of gelee underneath and little pieces of prawn inside. So well balanced and delicate flavors πŸ’―

Abalone which was going to be salt steamed on the teppan grill


White asparagus covered in cheese and ham

And 20 minutes later the abalone was served. The sauce is a konbu butter and it’s always SO GOOD

Our steak 😍

Ok this was a miss for me, some crab meat somen

AND FINALLY! Teeny chunks of the most flavoursome japanese beef 😍

And their yummy garlic fried rice! I can easily eat like 3 bowls of this hahah it’s v subtle but the texture of the rice is great.

Super delish sponge cake for dessert! Served with the fluffiest whipped cream, strawberry sorbet and some strawberries

Fam at dinner ♥️

Later that night I went with Jw to Naka Meguro which is another popular spot for Sakura but unfortunately we got there too late and they turned off the illumination LOL DAMN LAME

Imagine how beautiful it would have been 😍

Accidental selfie but not too unflattering!!

Ahhhhh so beautiful

About 70% bloom on the trees tho!

Thanks to my sis I got a few shots taken with the Sakura! Hehe

The next day we had a super relaxed one, after all that rush the previous day of having to catch trains and checking in blah blah we finally had a sleep in and then woke up for lunch only lol.

Booked in to sushi Iwa which honestly can do no wrong for about ¥9000 during lunch

I have way too many pics so just sharing a few. This is kinmedai which is a favourite fish of mine to have at sushi! As long as I have this I’m quite happy

And of course!!! CHUTORO! In Singapore the sushiyas will sell it to you as OOTORO but it is not obviously

Uni! The chef gave me a lot I feel? Maybe cos I smiled at him when he took out the uni box lol

And the end is a yummy and fresh and crisp and delicious negitoro handroll

As if lunch was not enough my parents went to find a place for dessert.... mom and jw had pancakes, I had a strawberry shortcake and DAD HAD A BURGER LOL

The diner at imperial hotel always has a queue it is madness but I guess they do have the smoothest pancakes around???

Both very pleased with their food lol seriously we are such gluttons I can’t even πŸ™„

Back to the hotel just to enjoy the room and chill out

Walked over to the imperial gardens from the hotel and it was crazy crowded because the palace grounds were open for Hanami, and it was the last one under this emperor’s reign as he’s abdicating soon (like retiring)

Uh I don’t rlly remember what we did in the evening but very quickly it was time for dinner HAHHAHAA non stop eats man

Anw we had made reservations for sukiyaki but unfortunately mom felt like we ate too much beef in Kanazawa and at the resort so we ended up cancelling the reservations

Instead of eating beef we attempted to go have yakitori and after trying to book a few places, we managed to book this one called Torishige that was recommended by our sushi chef during lunch!

This tsukune/ they called it DANGO

WAS DA BEST I HAVE EVER HAD. Legit so yummy. And it obviously wasn’t even because I was hungry coz hello all I did all day was eat!!!

Chicken wings were dope too!

Quite a funny story, we tried to explain to the waitress that we wanted more char to our food so the skin could be krispy, so mom said “MOTO YAKI” which I guess roughly translates to more grill???

Anw she was clueless so dad whipped out his phone and google translated and it told us KARI KARI and that’s what we told her and she was like, AHHHH okok!

Technology, gotta love it

There’s a regular yakitori bar downstairs but upstairs is like family style dining which was much more comfortable and at least we didn’t smell like smoke afterwards!

My breakfast the next morning! This was our last full day in Tokyo and we had a very specific goal, which was to go see Sakura! Because our hotel is not that far from it, we decided on heading to Chidorigafuchi

Woke up at 7.30am to have brekkie so that we could leave our hotel by 8ish

Tiny strawberry at breakfast! So cute

Me trying to be cute πŸ˜₯

A short cab ride later....


Cut through the gardens because we walked the wrong way after getting off the cab. It was our second time there only and so we were a bit confused

It was just my sis, momma and I cos dad doesn’t give two shits about flowers lol and he would rather sleep in and watch TV in the hotel so that’s precisely what he did!

😭 so beautiful! I was very upset at the weather tbh..... it was just so grey and gross all weekend that I was there

So after we exited the park that’s where it’s actually optimum position to view the cherry blossoms cos they surround the moat

Like this!!!!

So many boats lol. After we walked around to where you can rent the boats did I realise that there was a QUEUE to rent the boats too! It was craaaaaazy long.

My UNCOOPERATIVE AF FRINGE. I was so angry at it. I don’t have nice fringe if I don’t have my dyson hairdryer 😰

I woke up extra early to shower and blow my hair but still like diz omg I give up. Gonna grow my hair out.

Mom being cute as usual

And yes the sea of people is rlly no joke.

Hehe it’s a very pretty spot tho, the Sakura and the wildflowers and the moat! The water is a nice element to the photos too

Still not full bloom here either but whatever I’ll take what I can get. I can’t be so lucky as to catch full bloom every year anyway 🀷🏻‍♀️

But it truly never gets old for me to chase Sakura year after year hehe I hope I’m blessed enough to do this for many years to come!!!

It does get more and more crowded than before tho!

The purple flowers rlly so beautiful too!

Sigh so fluffy

Drove up a street after hopping into a taxi to get back to the hotel that was just lined with blooming Sakura trees so I rolled the window down and stuck my hand out for this shot HAHA mom said I was crazy

ARGHHH the photo is blur but I met Kumi for lunch!

Told her I was tired of Japanese food a little bit and so we went to a Italian cheese restaurant near Ebisu!

The menu was in Japanese so Kumi ordered for us, and our starter was a yummy salad with 3 types of cheese in it!

This was a four cheese pizza I think? They served it with honey on the side to drizzle over the pizza and it was rather yummy!

Carbonara that the 3 of us shared! It was tossed in a giant cheese wheel

And two types of dessert, tiramisu that was SO GOOD and also some pear and cheese thing that was also soooo delicious

Good job Kumi on picking a great restaurant!

With my Kumi boo ♥️

Random beautiful Sakura tree with the light coming out from between the buildings hehe

Had afternoon tea with my pal Kai and his baby!!!!

We planned to go to shinjuku gyoen but that weekend the QUEUE was just INSANEEEEE


I’ve been going to Tokyo/japan for Sakura since I was like 15 or smth but I have never seen it so crazy before. I think it just gets more and more popular every year.

Anw we gave up and didn’t even bother joining the queue and went to a St Marc for drinks and a snack but look at this little cherub 😍

So happy my pal is doing so great in his life and even tho he is younger than me he is more adult than me HAHA


Shinjuku at sunset πŸ™πŸ»

Headed to meet my fam for our last dinner of the trip which was Kani Douraku! I recommend this to all my friends but I actually haven’t gone back to this place for like 4 years or so I think and I’m pleased that it’s just as good although a bit crowded with too many tourists but whatever....

Grilled king crab is my fave

I don’t rlly like the raw crab but it’s so shinyyyyy it reminds me of the crab in Moana hahahhaha

Ingredients for Kani Nabe (HEEHEE) I never get tired saying that but what a great last meal in Tokyo this was!!

Anw ok that’s all for my Japan spring posts now onto Seoul next!

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sfeiw (avatar)

sfeiw Love your post and also your mom’s hat! So kewt

1 month ago

soufflesecrets (avatar)

soufflesecrets Hahah it’s a foldable hat! Can roll up one and she takes it everywhere lol @sfeiw

1 month ago

Kozonis19 (avatar)

Kozonis19 Your trip to Japan looks amazing!! I’ve never been there for the cherry blossoms, can’t imagine having to deal with the crowds 😡

Seoul will also be AMAZINGGGG so much good food everywhere!!!

1 month ago

evelynxlow (avatar)

evelynxlow Reading this already made me feel so satisfying as if I’ve been there for cherry blossom. ☺️ (lmao πŸ˜‚)

1 month ago

soufflesecrets (avatar)

soufflesecrets You must go! At least once! The crowds are a bad downside but you can try heading out of Tokyo for them, I would really recommend kanazawa!! @Kozonis19 it’s also later in the season so flights will be slightly cheaper

1 month ago

soufflesecrets (avatar)

soufflesecrets Lol I wanted to post more pics of cherry blossom but must maintain a bit lah hehe @evelynxlow

1 month ago

chewbs (avatar)

chewbs Your cherry blossom reality is my dream 😍

1 month ago

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