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photo dump

Giving me attitude everyday. This sassy old man of mine really whines and barks like crazy whenever he wants attention from me. This was taken last week, if y’all look at his right paw (on your left) then you can see his lump. His skin has been flaking up again too. Ughhhh need to arrange for grooming treatment soon.

Ok anw japalang post up ahead. Just realised I haven’t been dumping my photos and there’s so much random pictures in my phone. Last month we went to Jypsy with my uni pals. The food is really not too shabby and it’s cheaper than PS cafe even tho they are owned by them.

We were still hungry and popped into PS cafe next door for dessert but ended up getting pizza. Lol priorities.

Omg it was v long ago cos it was still CNY hahahahhaha

Finally tried this! Over hyped for sure lah

Oh I went to check out the ilight bicentennial edition.

Just happy to be walking around my beautiful city feeling safe and feeling at home.

Lol I think fireworks from Chingay or whatever

Retard. This is also the contributing factor of my slightly emo dayre tweet yestd. I’m still grumpy about it but whatever life is dealing with unhappiness


Simba’s face when I give him pats hehe

Super moon!

Budae at E’s place ♥️

Featuring this little monkey who has learned to walk but insists that someone hold his hand! 😍😍😍

Haakon has the best açaí in Singapore DONT @ ME

Ok love mafaldine pasta but I shall cook it myself. Because this was just sad.

It wasn’t bad but just not what I wanted in terms of sauce

Pizza is always bomb tho. This is the old Mozza btw!!! Now called Nostra Cucina but whatever it tastes the same and looks the same and the servers are all the same also

Loved it! Felt like the songs not as catchy as other musicals but it’s very entertaining regardless

Ok i stopped posting just now cos I was AND STILL AM grumpy at D 🙄 and I didn’t wanna post his pics cos I’m petty AF lah sue me.

But I cannot not be chronological so I have to post cos I know I will get over it soon. BOYS R STUPID.

Anw I was pleased cos we rarely take pics together and he instigated! He said let’s selfie hehe

This weirdo likes to smell my hair. Sometimes I go to the gym/studios and I use a diff shampoo and he can tell it’s not the one I usually use.

Headed to Poon’s place one day to have lunch. Made turmeric cauliflower and her puppy SB wanted some. Omg look at his tiny paw I die so cute

Hahah my babes.....

Poon made this amazing kale casserole with squash and rice underneath. So good!

Uh I contributed making the guacamole. And carrying the dog

Like this. Hehe

After lunch of course we needed dessert right. Tiny chocolate shortbread cookies.

Random photo of the sauces from Imperial hotpot. It’s time for another trip back soon.

Tempura dinner one day!!! Yummmm

My fave Japanese family came to SG for a good week and a half and I’m so happy to see them doing well. Little Sara is shy quiet but once she warms up to you she is the cutest thing.

Hehe cuties

They love watching SING!


Thankful for colleagues turned family!!!!

Haha Sara’s face tho

Headed to Meatsmith for lunch! On tuesdays they have a $10 special for their cheeseburger. It’s pretty good mate. Extra $5 for chips.


Had 老妈子 banmian finally after not having it in years but I think..... it’s not as good as I remembered

my lucky love ♥️😍😘

We met again at the end of the week and this time Sara was grumpy because no nap time haha

Love all around!!!

The pixel takes such great pics in low light but omg where did my butt go

Hehe my self proclaimed god daughter

Toby is cute too but ok too fluffy for me

Had table bbq for dinner last weekend!!

Headed to Habitat by honestbee for the second time to try more food! Damn guys this pasta is pretty decent!! The only thing is this place is FRIGGIN environmentally unfriendly 😭 EVERYTHING IS DISPOSABLE and single use even tho it doesn’t have to be. Might try bringing my own food containers next time.... yup I’m turning into that sort of person....

Fish and chips also nubbad!

Headed to Don Don Donki at CSM cos it’s v near my office and they had warabi mochi for $3 only!!!! Usually the stupid isetan one is like $15 for a big box but decreasing marginal utility you know. This box smol but perfect for 1 person or for two if your appetite is not like mine lol.

Finally had my prawn mee from Macpherson again!! It’s been a long time man.

Went to Ning’s place and her mom made green tea sponge cake that was SO. GOOD. Must get the recipe from her

My baby Dylan got fever poor sayang

Lunch at Soi 47. Was just craving for noodles randomly. But the food is rlly quite average, even tho it’s cheap lah ok.

Also went to try bouldering!!! At Boulder+ which is on CP. quite fun but also scary at the same time

The instructor thought us this technique of turning your knee to be closer to the wall to hoist yourself up. Cool stuff! It’s quite a fun activity to do with someone and not TOO tiring cos you get to rest in between climbs. It’s on #classpass and quite ok about 8 credits I think.

Also went to try this hokkien mee in geylang after cos it was so late by then!!! Damn it was pretty yummy and the wokhei super shiok. But still not as good as my favourite

It’s called Swee Guan!

Headed to Garden Beats last weekend! It’s my first time and I must say it’s not a bad local festival. But a lot of people rlly dress up like they going to Coachella LOLOL wearing bikini tops and kimonos and short shorts and BOOTS. Dey this one not desert leh don’t need to wear boots.

The queue was MAD tho. To get in, to get drinks. I didn’t even bother going to pee lol I just held my bladder the whole time.

Masego was surprisingly great! And the Kooks! Black coffee also was fun.

Cut my face off to look slimmer but also to show the garden beats stage lol

I made sandwiches and guacamole and brought hummus! And the boys went to queue for 12 beers madness. I only had half a beer

This tiny hut was a stage also! Damn funny people just crammed in there dancing but also making out 🤷🏻‍♀️

I rlly love fort canning as a concert venue! Used to watch all the concerts there, but now they all go to coliseum which just doesn’t have the same vibes ya know.

Post festival supper at Shinjuku!

Wow just realised I ate fried hokkien mee 1x and prawn mee 2x last week oops #cholesterol

HERRO baby nephew ♥️

Ok last one of cuddles with #luckytong

Be good, lovers

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Tuesday, 12 Mar 2019

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shannonbombya (avatar)

shannonbombya Omg simba’s face is so adorbs!!!!

5 months ago

neonchalk (avatar)

neonchalk Okay lets go imperial

5 months ago

shangjia (avatar)

shangjia Hey @soufflesecrets may I know how did you make the tumeric cauliflower please?

5 months ago

soufflesecrets (avatar)

soufflesecrets It really is hor haha he is v needy @shannonbombya

5 months ago

soufflesecrets (avatar)

soufflesecrets @neonchalk wahlao I will obviously have it 53749692 times before you get here @neonchalk

5 months ago

soufflesecrets (avatar)

soufflesecrets @shangjia it’s just olive oil, turmeric powder, salt and pepper tossed over cauliflower and then roasted for about 10-12 mins at 170 deg

5 months ago

shangjia (avatar)

shangjia @soufflesecrets Thank you!!

5 months ago

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