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Kagaya resort and DOLPHINS 🐬

Finally have a sliver of time to post about our stay at Wakura Onsen!

Wakura Onsen is the name of a little town an hour away by train from Kanazawa, and OBVIOUSLY it’s an onsen town lol.

There are heaps of resorts there and it’s kind of a small seaside town. We stayed at Kagaya, which we also stayed at last year, and clearly mom liked it enough to want to come back this year.

I’m v lazy to link and also not even sure if I posted about it but I’ll check later.

Welcome snack and matcha!!

They very nicely upgraded us to a suite and we had VIP treatment LOL cos our family friend is a long time friend of the owner of the resort!

So this included getting dressed in special kimonos, not just the regular Onsen yukata.

The ikebana in our room 😍

First things first, we changed into our onsen yukatas and then it was off to have a nice and hot soak.

For anyone wondering if it’s weird to be naked in front of strangers, the answer is NO! Hahaa I’m v used to it and they’re all Japanese anyway, whatever I won’t see them ever again.

I’m quite used to going to onsen with my mom and sis also, so no, but I would be 10000% awkward to have to onsen with my friends 😖😖

After our onsen we came back to fruit served in the room! The owner of the resort very nicely sent us a fruit platter

MELON 😱😱😱 so delicious!

Later before dinner our butler/room attendant came by to help dress us in the more formal/proper kimono.

Family pic because we’re all dressed up!

Damn glad we took one on the first night at the resort because after ALL THE FOOD my face became so round 😥

So at least I have one where it’s not that round yet..... sigh. The fat life is a difficult life I tell ya.

Then it was off to dinner! Such a pretty set up


And the best and freshest sashimi!

Super tender steamed abalone!! served with a piece of dried sea cucumber yum yummm

Was sooooo stuffed by this dish.... save me....

This is mom saying she was stuffed to the brim also hahaha

Thin slices of v delicious beef from the region called Noto beef!

Oh still got rice and soup and pickles lol donno why they like to serve it last actually.

Went for a walk around the resort to digest and saw this cute sign, made mom and dad go take photos with it

Ikebana everywhereeee

Elevator pic hehe

The next morning at our Ryokan we woke up and had a western style breakfast!

The view from our room showed calm seas and it was so peaceful! Anw someone suggested to us that we could head out to try and see dolphins in a boat.

And I was like, YES LETS GO because it is my childhood dream to swim with wild dolphins you know. Like who doesn’t dream of that!!!

Cos basically I used to watch a lot of movies about dolphins and read books about them that I was obsessed with them. Had a wind chime in my room when I was a child that had blue dolphins haha

Getting onto the boat that would take us dolphin watching!

Yah ok my voice is v annoying but this was my first glimpse of them and I was VVV EXCITED OK!!!

And we managed to spot a family of 13 just frolicking around in a bay

Actually they look like sharks lol

Lol @ this video cos I said, oh for all you know they could be sharks lah. And mom says, yah you wanna stick out your hand to touch them also you siao


But nope they are dolphins!!! Soooo happy. You can swim with them in the summer but it was a rlly cold day when we went, luckily the sun was out hehe so it wasn’t too bad but my hands were frozen from taking photos


The place where you can dolphin watch is called “THE OCEAN AND THE ORGEL” or smth like that in Notojima, if anyone happens to be going. They also have delicious cheesecake in the cafe haha

And a cute conservatory style sitting area for amazing photos. Basically I think the owner of the cafe loves dolphins and she works with a boat captain who brings her customers to go see dolphins around the cafe’s location

After that it was time for lunch! Headed to a traditional house for soba noodles

Very zen spot 🍃

Hehhe happy familyyyy! I think it’s all our first time seeing dolphins in the wild!

We’ve seen before at aquariums but truly it’s not good for the dolphins so it’s always tinged with a little bit of guilt, but seeing them FREE and in the wild was such an amazing experience.

They just swam around the boat and were happy to come near to us and the boat captain said when they don’t see humans they usually get quite sad LOL donno how true this is either but I’ll take it


3 types of soba, with varying degrees of the buckwheat husk

Cute little haus hehe

Then it was time to head back to the resort for onsen time and then after onsen time is always nap time also haha

Hey momma

the best way to eat crab is when it’s been peeled for you tbh

My ugly beautiful sake cup

NODOGURO is my faveeee fish to eat grilled!

Shabu during our kaiseki

After dinner shenanigans


And then one final onsen time and the best part is the icecream vending machines outside the onsen LOLOL it’s a trap I tell ya

Final Japanese breakfast at the resort the next morning before we headed back to Tokyo

The many components of a Japanese breakfast

1. Fruit

2. Rice and pickles and soup

3. Grilled fish


Off we went to get our Shinkansen back to Tokyo from Kanazawa!

Took Gran Class again and opted for the western bento and GODDAMN THESE SANDWICHES WERE DOPE.

Hehe ok tired now gnight post more another time!! 😴

Day 95

Friday, 5 Apr 2019

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benita (avatar)

benita The food looks amazing....

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tatttle Bahahha u look so cute in the family pic pls continue to update us w the high ses life ~

1 month ago

soufflesecrets (avatar)

soufflesecrets It is very good haha this resort has v good food standards!!! @benita

1 month ago

soufflesecrets (avatar)

soufflesecrets @tatttle 💰

1 month ago

windmillsandmerlion (avatar)

windmillsandmerlion High SES life nia:p love it!

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