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Tokyo and my cherry blossom dreams

Konnichiwa pals! Lol I’m trying to be up to date with my posts and wanna finish posting about Tokyo before I go to Seoul HAHAHA rlly first world problems but basically I squeezed in a girl’s trip with two of my favourite babes and cos we all travel so much this was actually the only window of time we had 😪 Anw I’m excited because I haven’t been to Seoul OR Korea EVER BEFORE despite rlly loving Korean food and also at one time being crazy over kdramas. If anyone has any recs pls lemme know!

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Kagaya resort and DOLPHINS 🐬

Finally have a sliver of time to post about our stay at Wakura Onsen! Wakura Onsen is the name of a little town an hour away by train from Kanazawa, and OBVIOUSLY it’s an onsen town lol. There are heaps of resorts there and it’s kind of a small seaside town. We stayed at Kagaya, which we also stayed at last year, and clearly mom liked it enough to want to come back this year. I’m v lazy to link and also not even sure if I posted about it but I’ll check later. Welcome snack and matcha!!

March 2019

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Kanazawa // Shirakawago

Hello from Japan! 👋🏻 finally had some time to myself and edited some photos so thought I’d do a #dayretravel in better detail than I usually do!

Medicated Oil

I took the bus today. I much prefer it to trains sometimes. Mostly because it seems less crowded, and in a smaller space of a bus versus a train sometimes you get to see and watch people better. I boarded it just outside my office, to head to an afternoon lunch class, and it was pretty full. There were two seats empty across from each other on the lower aisle, I took the one on the right purely because the sun was shining on the one on the left. Next to me was an old lady, an Ah Mah.

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photo dump

Giving me attitude everyday. This sassy old man of mine really whines and barks like crazy whenever he wants attention from me. This was taken last week, if y’all look at his right paw (on your left) then you can see his lump. His skin has been flaking up again too. Ughhhh need to arrange for grooming treatment soon.

The person who holds your heart is also the person who hurts your heart.

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