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Kanazawa // Shirakawago

Hello from Japan! 👋🏻 finally had some time to myself and edited some photos so thought I’d do a #dayretravel in better detail than I usually do!

Hehe love sitting by the window so I can stare at the clouds all day 😍

Whew so beautiful!

Started my Japanese feasting early by opting to have the Kaiseiki on board. I must say the Singapore airlines kaiseiki is actually pretty legit, considering it’s still airplane food lol.

On our wayyy again! Looking pretty phresh despite like 4 hours of sleep or smth

We landed at about 1am and good god even at that hour there was a QUEUE at customs. Got to our hotel near Tokyo station around 2ish and then the next morning got up at 7.30am to take our Shinkansen to Kanazawa!

This trip my parents decided to splurge on Gran Class tickets! It’s the most expensive category of travel on the Shinkansen but it’s quite like first class on a plane. Super luxurious but personally I find it not very necessary as the regular seats are pretty comfortable already!

But ok got free bento lol.

This is what the seats look like! Very plush and luxe for sure.

We arrived at Kanazawa and walked over from the station to our hotel, which is the Hotel Nikko Kanazawa! Just realised I forgot to take photos of the hotel oops... I’m sure I have a video somewhere though.

Anyway we took the early train to Kanazawa because we wanted to have lunch! The hotel has REALLY GOOD food options. Last year we tried out La Plage which is French food, but they are closed on Mondays so we had Teppanyaki instead. WHAT A BLESSING IN DISGUISE LOL

Restaurant name is Icho!

We chose the special menu available that day which was ¥4000+ tax but decided to add on some scallops (2 portions) and 1 portion of foie.

This was the starter of grilled clam, served with lots of fresh micro greens. SO YUMMY!

Starter of beef and bamboo carpaccio, with even more vegetables!

We were very impressed because usually there are very little vegetables in Japanese cuisine!

It was very delicious also! Beef was tender and tasty, and the greens added a nice fresh touch.

One portion of scallops had 3 pieces, so total there were 6 pieces shared by the 4 of us.

Super fresh and served with a butter seaweed sauce.

Ok it’s a terrible photo but this was the one portion of foie that we shared! The chef took out a small black truffle and just went to town with it.

My family doesn’t really like truffle but we all found it yummy enough.

The star of the show was the BEEF! I think it was A4 wagyu, from Kagoshima.

Cooked perfectly 😭😭😭 served with 5 different sauces/condiments, and of course GARLIC CHIPS.

And we also added on an extra ¥800 each to top up from regular white rice to GARLIC FRIED RICE YUM.

They do it a bit differently here, the chef takes a small portion and flattens it on the teppanyaki grill to make a crispy rice cracker of sorts. SO YUMMY.

Ugh rlly rlly good stuff! Totally worth the ¥800 top up

Then after the meal we adjourned to a room next door that is a whisky bar at night, and we’re free to help ourselves to a dessert buffet. The views are stunning!!

My selection of creme caramel and a strawberry mousse of sorts.

Oh yes this is the video of our room! They gave us a free upgrade whoohoo so it’s bigger than the usual rooms

After lunch we headed out for a walk, and I took some time to appreciate the loveliest floral arrangement in the lobby of the hotel.

If I have a wedding I want lots and lots of Japanese ranunculus HEHEHEH 😍😍😍

Went to the mall near to the train station, called Forus to do a spot of shopping! Really great VM all around

Oh then believe it or not it was dinner time! We booked in at Tenkani in the Higashi-Chaya district of Kanazawa.

It’s pretty decent tempura in a beautiful traditional Japanese building

Ingredients for the night

Prawn head crisply fried to perfection!!! Always my favourite

And the sweetest prawn itself!

This was a deep fried oyster served with a porridge of sorts made of grated lotus root. VERY INTERESTING!

Fried puffer fish which is just not my thing to be honest

Selfie with momma

Can’t..... rmb what this was. Something with uni on top. Was rlly struggling by this time because lunch was too filling and we were so full....

Anago! Also cooked rlly well

The next morning we took a bus from the train station to Shirakawago! It’s rlly easy to get around actually. There’s plenty of signs in english. We bought tickets online ahead of time but you can also buy them from the ticket booths near the bus interchange.

We were blessed with perfect perfect weather! Dad had said the forecast was rain so we borrowed two umbrellas from the hotel but no use for them at all

Shirakawago is famous actually for the thatched roofs, they are a unesco heritage site!

But most people go in winter when it’s the most beautiful, covered knee deep in snow.

I avoid the cold as much as possible so I’m pretty happy to be here in the spring

Mildly creepy.... haha but some people come here to stay in the houses!


Ok from afar they don’t look that creepy

Moncler advertisement 😂

Spring flowersssss

Hahha at first dad was standing with his hands on his hips, so I told jw ok let’s do this. But then I thought she wasn’t posing so...

I gave up doing the pose but she was actually posing LOLOL OOPS

Some kinda creepy display hahha like angry scarecrows???

Watched some maintenance men climb up a rickety ladder to fix some thatched roofs

Climbed up to the observatory for a better view of the village!

TQ jie for being my ever reliable Instagram-sister

Family selfie ♥️

On the way back to the city I saw this BREATHTAKING view! Soooo beautiful 😍

We were starving by the time we got back to the Kanazawa station and even tho I wanted pasta we settled for Tonkatsu and it was pretty good too

Fattyyyyy porkkkkk! Didn’t take the name down but there is only one tonkatsu restaurant in Forus mall so this is it.

Went to walk a bit more after lunch and stumbled upon this secret garden

Hehe love Japanese gardens so much

And then cos we needed something sweet, we had tea at the fountain lounge in hotel Nikko.

Strawberry cheesecake and strawberry tart were soooo yummy!

Went to have dinner at Mitsukawa Sushi, also located in the Higashi Chaya district! It’s basically the old town of Kanazawa and really lovely to walk around in the day, but as we actually came to Kanazawa last year we didn’t spend any time here this time

This sushi place is rlly good, but the head chef just opened in Tokyo so this new chef is still finding his feet I guess.

Good chutoro tho

And the Ika was rlly good! Chopped up squid and between the rice were crushed sesame seeds. So flavorful and fragrant

Amaebi! This was rlly sweet as well

Some white fish haha but on top there was a dollop of fish liver. Enjoyed this piece a lot!

Didn’t take much pics cos the lighting is really so bad in the restaurant, then after our meal we went to get icecream at the konbini near our hotel hehe

Goodnight Kanazawa! And that’s our first 2 days in Japan hehe

Day 87

Thursday, 28 Mar 2019

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fifinic (avatar)

fifinic hi soufflesecrets! would you recommend going to shirakawago? since it seems creepy...

1 month ago

soufflesecrets (avatar)

soufflesecrets Hahah it’s not creepy to see lah but it’s creepy to STAY I would think?? It just seems rlly quiet especially in the off peak season which is anytime other than winter lol @fifinic

1 month ago

soniachong (avatar)

soniachong if you like creepy, try renting a car and do some haikou. It's really fun

1 month ago

soniachong (avatar)

soniachong "haikyo" apple auto correct too clever sometimes...

1 month ago

wakawaka (avatar)

wakawaka omg I miss shirakawago so much!!!!! AND CREEPY MEH HAHAHAHA so beautiful leh I felt like it was straight out from a storybook?? did u see the koi swimming around in their “longang”???

1 month ago

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