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February 2019

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Happy Valentine’s day!

exercising etiquette (a double entendre)

Am having a disgruntled afternoon because even though I had a boom box class today I have very little endorphins coursing through my body!!! 1. Broke my nail during boxing 2. Gloves were smelly today 3. THIS GURL IN FRONT OF ME NO ETIQUETTE. Not that I wanna bitch and gripe about it but I’m rlly quite sian because just one person managed to affect my workout and hence my mood. Its just unlucky I guess.So I am here today to talk about etiquette one should try to cultivate while exercising

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Happy lunar new year everyone! It’s been a crazy hectic new year’s this year and I don’t even go to visit that many places but I still feel super tired. Kicked off my CNY eve with a boom box session, and for the first time ever managed to drag my bf with me. Hahaha I knewwww he would hate it and yes he did 😂He’s not into working out even though he likes to play sports, and I think he was very annoyed by the music and the lights. These are things I really need to keep me motivated to exercise

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