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May 2019

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Ugh so this happened after I came back from Seoul. Seriously pissed because it was totally avoidable but the car behind me refused to give way and forced his way through and scratch both our cars so lame! Posting this to remind myself to always give way, might lose you some time but better in the bigger picture.

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Seoul delicious // weird SIA plane

Have some time to myself (actually a lot of time) this weekend because D’s not well so he’s been sleeping a whole bunch at home and I just have nothing to do tonight since I usually spend Saturday nights with him.Anyway let me get down to posting up the rest of my pics from Seoul!On the 3rd day that we were there we headed to the palace area, planning on walking around the Bukchon Hanok village. But first we did a pit stop for samgyetang or ginseng chicken soup.­čôŹTosokchon Samgyetang

April 2019

irrational feelings

Having a rather sleepless night even though this is still before my usual bed time of 2am (yes very unhealthy I know but I just can’t sleep early even though I try) I’ve been having one of those “unlovable” days?? Not sure if it’s just me or it happens to everyone but on days like this I feel unattractive and unlovable. It’s been precisely 2 years since I started dating D and even to this day I still have bouts of insanity where I bring my walls up and try to push him away just because

Having a very somber Easter Sunday today, took it very easy with dinner at home and then a cheesy romcom Netflix sesh with D before he headed home. It’s one of the most important days in the Christian religion today, and this morning there were bombings and explosions at churches and at major hotels in Sri Lanka, killing over 100 people already with the death toll still climbing. Somehow it’s not splashed across social media, not many people posting about it to offer condolences or prayers.

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Seoul far so good

Having trouble sleeping because there is a MOFO mosquito in my room and I’m getting bitten like crazy but I can’t seem to catch the damned thing so thought I’d update on my seoul trip! It was my first time to seoul and honestly I wish I did a lot more research!! I went with two girlfriends who had gone before, one of them also goes to seoul super often like 2x a year type, and so I kinda trusted them with it but I forgot I’m very particular especially with food lol, so yeah....

Procrastinating from packing for my Seoul flight which is early Thursday morning/late night tmr! Have some thoughts on dayre 2.0 but honestly, I’m quite disappointed in the way the new team has chosen to release information bit by bit. I understand that running a business and trying to get a feel of the community’s vibes is difficult, but in all honesty just push back the release if it’s not finalized?Don’t feel like it’s fair to the users and writers and content creators to be so ambiguous.

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