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December 2018

Call me emotional or sentimental or lame but while reading the @blog post about the new owners of Dayre (HELLO CREATE COLLECTIVE WELCOME HOME!), I swear I had tears welling up in my eyes.


I don’t know what it is about Christmas, but it always gets me thinking about my year so far. It’s probably the nearest thing we have to a “thanksgiving” of sorts, what with the family gatherings and meet ups with friends. It’s so close to the closing of the year that always makes me think back on the last 350 days or so.But also not close enough that I’m excited for what the year ahead holds! Does that make sense? I suppose it has more to do with “what I’ve achieved” vs “what I want to do”

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autumn in Tokyo πŸπŸ‚

Lol I wasn’t meant to stop posting the way I did my last post but then I fell asleep and then it was past midnight and then I got lazy to change my date and time so whatever. At the end of the night after kamakura my body was totally protesting walking around for most of the day and ALSO my medium boy bag is MOFO heavy compared to all my minis that I usually use and my back was legit sore WTF I thought I was fitter after CP but I guess not πŸ˜₯Anw I took the chance to use my bath bomb hehe

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I thought I’d try to dayre on the go in Tokyo but I couldn’t it was a totz fail. Anyway I’m gonna post now that I’m home and I am eating lunch at work. Took the red eye from SG and landed at like 6am 😩 I rlly cannot take red eye flights leh I never get enough sleep. Coming back home was also a red eye and I ended up falling sick the day we got back cos I barely slept 🀦🏻‍♀️

November 2018

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Fuuuuuud // mom’s bday // beauty box

After 6 happy happy years together, I ended things with my baby car!!!! It’s been giving me a lot of problems the last year or so but I did feel sad saying goodbye. I am v blessed that daddytong bought me a new car spontaneously cos Audi was having a good deal on the new Q2, but I was quite prepared to take public transport for the next few years tbh. Will try to grab hitch more to be slightly more environmentally friendly hopefully!!!

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