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February 2019

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Happy Valentine’s day!

exercising etiquette (a double entendre)

Am having a disgruntled afternoon because even though I had a boom box class today I have very little endorphins coursing through my body!!! 1. Broke my nail during boxing 2. Gloves were smelly today 3. THIS GURL IN FRONT OF ME NO ETIQUETTE. Not that I wanna bitch and gripe about it but I’m rlly quite sian because just one person managed to affect my workout and hence my mood. Its just unlucky I guess.So I am here today to talk about etiquette one should try to cultivate while exercising

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Happy lunar new year everyone! It’s been a crazy hectic new year’s this year and I don’t even go to visit that many places but I still feel super tired. Kicked off my CNY eve with a boom box session, and for the first time ever managed to drag my bf with me. Hahaha I knewwww he would hate it and yes he did 😂He’s not into working out even though he likes to play sports, and I think he was very annoyed by the music and the lights. These are things I really need to keep me motivated to exercise

January 2019

I promised D I would sleep very soon, as I’ve already texted him goodnight, but would like to very much document this moment of vulnerability that has been a constant issue for me of late.So I had a mini meltdown, ironically stemming from booking a workout class on CP called meltdown LULZ. Was texting D to express my fear of the class, tbh I deliberated on it for a few minutes before I booked, but mostly because I feel the need to push myself.He asked why I booked such a hardcore class.

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konmari attempt number 1

Ok, posting this here so I don’t squirm out of doing it later, but it’s a Friday night and I’m home today and I thought that it’s about damn time I start clearing my closet of clothes. I haven’t done so in YEARS. And god knows my body’s definitely changed since 2008, before I left for uni in Sydney (which is probably the last time I cleared my wardrobe properly) GUAN YIN MA HAVE MERCY ON ME. Also if anyone knows of places that I can donate clothes to, children’s homes etc pls let me know!

Perhaps I am too cynical, or realistic, or it’s a detachment cos I don’t follow any of the local celebrities, but when news broke of the passing of Aloysius Pang while he was serving his reservist in NZ, I didn’t feel much. Sure it is sad, and my deepest condolences to his family and his girlfriend, it must be so tough for them to deal with. He is so young, and what seemed like a bright life ahead of him. But at the same time, in my mind, people die everyday. It is not a guarantee to grow old.

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