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May 2019

More than a year later I still can't look at you in the eye.

April 2019

🎵🎶 In the end~You can run you can hide You can run and still be great You can hurt someone and still be sweet

March 2019

Rant in progress

I don't want to reply your texts. It drains me. I oscillate between feeling pity and feeling annoyed.-I hate how you call me out on my shit all the freaking time. I told you more than once and it seems like it's finally getting in your head.-I hate how I have to consider how fragile you are, whether saying certain things will make you more anxious or on edge-I hate how I can't be myself, you always have something to say though unintentional, it's always how your situation is way worse

Sometimes I wonder about the law of attraction. Whether we attract things in life because of what we sending out into the universe. There seems to be a theme to my clients. Or rather a theme of boys.Emotionally needy, lacking, needing a lot of affirmation, broken in many ways.Wheres the escape or exit to this cycle?

January 2019

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You have been so so good to me

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