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I woke up this morning, thinking about friends I've made and lost - that one friend I was thinking of is still in this world, just our paths diverged.. you know how you feel things are getting awkward but none of you are being frank with each other then next minute, you're not speaking.

What's even more extreme is without an explanation you cut off ties with me instantly.

Maybe it's just easier to part ways without facing up to it, or maybe it's just that you don't care. And that's what hurts.

I'd rather have a proper closure coz friends tell each other what they really think.

LB Review!

Feeling a lil out of touch with reviewing clothes after what has been a really long time! But I dropped by LB with @katechiclove yesterday and decided to try on some clothes!

Was drawn to the paper bag print! IMO the navy print looks more outstanding compared to the lighter cream colour one!

This cut works for me, I love midi dresses these days! I no longer fancy above the knee dresses unless it's in a print or fabric I really like!

This reminds me of the Dutch milk lady, it's in a very unique textured print - the necklace is one of the most flattering kind, shows off the collar bones with a square neckline!

It fits snug without any allowance on me which is worrying because I haven't had a proper meal when I tried this dress on!

Decided to KIV, it's not one I'll wear often!

Such a promising dress, I thought the fit would be amazing and I'll end up buying this!

But the drop waist doesn't work for me, there's a lot of excess fabric at the waist although the design and print is love!

Super comfy fabric but quite normal IMO! The print isn't super pretty so back to the rack it went!

Really love the whole vibe of this dress! Also comes with a detachable camisole slip dress which can be perfect if you need an inner slip to match low cut dresses or sheer dresses! 😍

Comes in navy but this colour combination is so chio!

Day 17

Thursday, 17 Jan 2019

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