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Early Goodbye? / OBC / Zara

Popped by Zara & bagged home 3 pieces from the sale, last min good deals! 💯

I like the service at Liat, and Liat is one of the few outlets that do wrapping for items with delicate materials like mesh etc and shoes! A service which I appreciate coz it makes me feel more valued as a customer.

Oh dear, I just came across the latest update and.. I must say, what a way to end the week.

Is this goodbye..

All the memories, updates and little snippets of my life, including the 1072931 reviews of sale hauls into thin air. I guess change is inevitable, just that all these happened too soon, too fast.

Also, not all of us are iPhone users, therefore the migration to the other platform wouldn't be 100%.

There's still an #OBC post which I was supposed to do over the weekend so I'll probably get down to that before the platform shuts down. (Shout out, thanks Chow (@braintango) for sending these my way!) 💕

Anw, on to my usual routine of reviews, here's #Zara!

My haul from Liat just yesterday. I got this tweed pleated dress which I actually wanted to get when I saw it at Taka/Ion a week ago, it was going at 29.90 then!

Unfortunately (or rather on hindsight, fortunately) for me, the one I saw then had many patches of holes torn at the sides and edges where the stitching was supposed to hold together - maybe someone not meant to fit into an XS, tried to squeeze in it and torn it apart lol.

So I didn't get it then. I saw it again at Liat in XS in a near perfect condition!

Here's a close up of the pleats, done very nicely in fact. Such a good deal for $19.90!

Hahaha this legit looks like PJs. I bought it for the cute tassels and ginghammmm in a forest shade.

I'll throw on a belt and wear it to work on Fridays lah, hope my boss won't nitpick on my dressing.. 😅 he actually just did comment about casual dressing about my other colleague today so.. hmm.

Close up of the top, it haz pockets whee. Selling point level up. Also, I like the V neckline instead of the scoop neck type. This V neckline looks less auntie... I think? 🤔

This was from the Zara denim collection, but it feels like suede to me. The cutting is v fitted which makes this dress super flattering. I think there was another XS piece available when I left on Thursday!

It's soooo nice worn! I love how it nips in at the waist and flares in an A line skirting.

Back to the topic, I doubt I'll be moving on to another platform because 1. #Android user 2. I've been losing steam updating on social media platforms, apart from IG where I'm the most active but that's also where I window dress my life and paint it as picture perfect as I can, & that's pretty tiring on its own. As much as I would like to invest time in another microblogging platform, don't know how long I can last juggling work, personal life & IG. I would love to read more about #dayremoms tho

Not hinting that I'm adding a member to my family (yet) but a supportive community where like minded individuals can share ideas and info is an amazing thing, knowing that there are people going through the same & can relate to you is really encouraging!

For anyone who's keen to keep in touch / see my feed of #OOTD posts (I don't really do reviews on IG 🙁) it's still @/sodapopp 💕

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Friday, 9 Feb 2018

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