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BATA // Zara

Headed down to #Bata at Vivocity to pick out some shoes from their latest collection!

These were the shoes which least represent my style but I know a couple of girls who would look amazing in a pair of espadrille flats! These are pretty but "ok only" comfortable so not one I would recommend personally unless you like the embroidery design and don't mind that the soles are not padded.

Featuring the printed sneakers which are quite artsy fartsy, I wish the prints were done less cluttered, but they are a good casual pair of slip on sneakers.

You know how some shoes always cut you at the back of your feet? These sneakers don't have that problem coz they are slip ons. Pretty smart design I must say!

There's also the scallop strap heels, they are your everyday basic heels! The height is perfect and they come in neutral & very wearable colours, nude and black.

These ones I LOVEEE. The seafoam omg, v unique colour and it doesn't look dull on our asian skin tone. The nude blends a bit too well with my skin tone but it's super easy to match! I'm staying away from black coz girl, I have too many black shoes it's overflowing outta my wardrobe.

There's also this pair of pretty embellished ankle strap studded pumps! It actually reminds me of Taobao designs but I'm a size 39/40 and I don't usually take the risk with Taobao often when it comes to shoes!

It's v pretty when worn & the peachy pink colour looks v sweet!!

A colour which I generally steer clear of when it comes to apparel shoes etc is for some weird reason, grey.

I love the colour but not on me. Anyone else feel me?

Pretty! It's a great shoe to put on to go run errands, basic casual yet has some character.

Also tried this pair of sneakers but it feels too playful for me and I have one too many sneakers and casual shoes just collecting dust.

I had to tell myself not to buy anymore sneakers! 🚫

It was down to these 3.

I love the mules for its seafoam colour and I love pixie shoe cutting! It's mad flattering, go try if you don't believe me!!

The scallop one has the prettiest pearl iridescent sheen to it in real life. It's also a nice basic.

The peachy pink x embellishments. I love anything embellished!

I tried the mules, yup it was nice. But I really wish this pair came with a heel!! If you know me.. Heel > Flats for me any day everyday.

This was a winner, colour was perfect and I love how it looks worn.

Tried this pair of open toe criss cross scallop heels, I know it wouldn't look nice coz I hardly paint my hair and these would look horrendous on my feet featuring ugly unpainted toe nails. Haha 😅

Popped over to Zara afterwards and got this pair of navy pleated skirt. I don't think you can see but there's lace details at the side!

This striped shirtdress felt so luxe I was compiled to purchase it, and yes I did. I'll do a proper review another day when I've tried the items again.

Day 38

Wednesday, 7 Feb 2018

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Qiyunz (avatar)

Qiyunz These shoes so pretty!!!!

1 year ago

twinklez10 (avatar)

twinklez10 @sodapopp hi! hw much is the embellished flats? thks!

1 year ago

sodapopp (avatar)

sodapopp @Qiyunz Yes they are! especially the embroidered and embellished pairs!

1 year ago

sodapopp (avatar)

sodapopp @twinklez10 they are 39.95! 💕 there's a promo ongoing now, buy the second pair at 28% off plus $8 discount voucher off the next pair! 😍

1 year ago

twinklez10 (avatar)

twinklez10 thks! (: @sodapopp

1 year ago

sodapopp (avatar)

sodapopp @twinklez10 welcome! 💕💕

1 year ago

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