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Cheryl’s 2019 resolutions!


Almost a full month into 2019, and I finally decided to pen down my resolutions for the year.

I’ve realised that I always needed this month to realign and set my goals for the year. Maybe for the past 2 years, lol.

December is always a jam-packed month with celebrations and trips; I feel that I rarely get the time to sit down and reflect about the year ahead!

As January is usually a down time of sorts at my workplace, it’s the perfect timing to spend some time with myself, and set my aims for the year. It’s also perfect, since I can get a better gauge of the year ahead.

So here goes!

#1 To get my health back on track

Yes yes, I know this was the same as the previous year - and is probably the same goal for many around me for the past few years (lol). But we should always aim, yeah 🙃

In January, I finally signed up for 20 classes at HOM. It kinda feels good to be going back to a place that I’m sort of familiar with, but a nagging voice has been telling me that I’m not as flexible/fit as I used to be.

While I’ve yet to actually go for any classes (I just paid yesterday - like, legit), I really hope I can sustain this motivation!

I’ve also started running again. Baby steps, baby steps.

Am considering registering myself for Sundown half marathon, with the goal of actually completing the full marathon again by 2020! Something I should start working towards 😉

I’ve also considered getting back into swimming, since that’s supposed to exercise your full body? But it’s always the inertia to travel to a swimming complex which makes the whole experience so sian!

#2 Put me, myself, and I at the number 1 spot

So many times, I realised - I’ve been living my life for someone else. Whether it came in the form of a boyfriend, or a close friend, etc..

I think in the past 3 months, I’ve learnt to spend time by myself and indulge once in awhile. It’s been exactly 3 months + 1 day since A and I (finally) split, and I’ve definitely been a lot happier since then! 😬 Most of my friends have commented that they haven’t seen me this carefree in awhile.

Being alone comes with its own disadvantages, but I gotta enjoy what I have now, yeah?

So I’m 2019, I resolve to put myself at #1. I need my own down time, to rest and rewind. But this doesn’t mean that I just ignore my friends la; they’re still an important part of my life, and they do make me bring out a happier, carefree self at times ☺️

I think more importantly, as cliched as it sounds, I feel like I need to better myself, before I can let someone else into my life again. Be a better self, so that when I finally meet the right person, I’m so damn ready.

Love myself, such that I don’t settle for anything less. Just because I need a companion at my side, doesn’t mean I need to settle down with the first guy that actually shows interest in me (case in point, lol).

#3 Read & Write

Too many damn times in the last year, I’d pick up something to read, but never got round to finishing it. Too many damn times, I had something on the tip of my tongue, but I never got round to penning those down and translating it into words.

Hopefully this year, I’d find more time to finish reading some books. I have books that my boss lent me last year, and I’m only done with 1/4 of them (lol there were only 4 books).

I’ve bought a few books in the past few years, but also never got round to actually reading them! I sincerely hope this changes this year.

Perhaps, with some sadness inside my system sometimes, I still have inspiration for sad poems (think Lang Leav/Michael Faudet wannabe). I never really got round to penning such emotions and flow of words down - mostly because they’re always conceptualised when I’m in the shower, and it gets washed away the moment I step out 😅

#4 Doodle

It sounds absurd and even a tad silly, especially for those who barely know me. I basically LOVE drawing zendoodles, which is kind of a mandala-inspired form of doodling.

It requires a lot of patience, brain juice (at times), but it’s utterly relaxing. I haven’t had the time to start on a new piece since early 2018, and I’ve been itching to start doodling again.

As a stretch, I also feel the want/need to pick up brush lettering again! I’ve bought brushes about 2 years ago, but never actually got round to even opening them!

So while this doesn’t exactly consider as a doodle, it’s definitely something that helps promote my creative juices! 😛

#5 Family & Friends

With the absence of A in my life, I found myself spending a lot more time in the last two months of 2018 with my mum.

Mostly because I don’t go out as much, and I try to spend more time helping out at home - which is a good thing! It’s always good for a Mother and her Daughter to be close, yeah?

But aside from family, I think friends are equally as important to me. I hope that this year, I will not always put work before friends.

While it can be so bloody tough at times, I know I need to work on that work life balance. And that being said, I’m so thankful for those who have continued to stick around, despite my erratic and unpredictable schedules. Love you all so so so much 🥰🥰

I guess this is a very preliminary list, so unofficially, I resolve to also continue updating this list. And never stop improving myself! 💪🏻💪🏻

Day 28

Monday, 28 Jan 2019

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