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30th 🎉


The boyfriend turned 30 on the 22nd of March and I took him to dinner. Here's us at Rizu. It was super expensive, but he loves Japanese food, and I love him, so definitely worth it.

Church Of Sts. Peter & Paul

His good friend got married the very next day and here's the groom looking super happy! Solemnization was at St Peter and Paul...


And dinner was at Chijmes - both my first pick when I do get married. It was really beautiful and just confirmed what I want! But opinions do change..

And NTS: pick the right people to deliver speeches because it makes a hell lot of difference!

With the gang.

Jetty @ Lazarus Island

I know guys don't really care.. But I do! 30 is a milestone, and I knew I had to do something!

I booked this yacht trip/getaway + bbq for today, for 18 pax almost 2 months ago, and it was the hardest secret I had to keep from him!

Here's us with most of the gang & my 2 buddies, Feng and Gabriel - the latter who was basically the decoy. Gabby's getting married soon so we used him as an excuse to go to one°15 marina to meet the "events coordinator" (actually the person I've been liaising with regarding the booking) hahahaha!

The bf didn't suspect anything omg it was really a 100% successful surprise!

Old man is my happy bubby 🥰


"take photo with me"
"for what???"

"just one la smile properly ok?"
"why must???"

-proceeds to annoy me as per usual- 😑🙄😑🙄😑🙄😑🙄

"ok la come I kiss you???"
"harh why???"


(Captions are basically how I believe our conversation was. I don't even remember taking these pictures hahahaha...... Didn't drink much but was crazy tipsy. Maybe the adrenaline???)

Happiest birthday to my love.

In 5 days we're leaving Singapore for Hawaii. You surprised me with tickets 3 months ago in January when I was in Estonia for a work trip, and I was jumping and screaming with joy that my housemates actually heard me 😂

Can't wait to make more memories with you. You've been my rock this past 2.5 years and I know I can always count on you x

Day 96

Saturday, 6 Apr 2019

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americano (avatar)

americano So happy to see ur update and u are happy my dear! 💕💕💕

1 month ago

snoxydonkz (avatar)

snoxydonkz @americano miss you Jas! See you when I'm back from my vacation - wanna give you a big hug ♥️

1 month ago

americano (avatar)

americano Yes miss u too sherry! @snoxydonkz Have fun!

1 month ago

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