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Can you imagine someone who keeps talking shit about your relationship and what went on years ago, not giving a thought to the fact that there's always 2 sides to a story, and maaaaaybe you've learnt from it, moved on, and changed for the better?

Let me tell you a story.

Years ago a guy wanted to break up with his girlfriend after she stuck by him through a difficult time, because he couldn't deal with some of her character traits. You told someone that this guy knows, that it would be very unfair to her after all that time together and he should seriously reconsider. You thought she was a really nice person and didn't deserve to have her heart broken.

Now they're getting married soon.

You're genuinely happy for them, but also hope that for both of their sakes.. This guy is everything the girl is not - he doesn't still see the worst in her like how she sees the worst in you.

The End.

The other day my dad wanted to do a photoshoot in our house and our helper was the photographer hahaha we told her she can include this in her résumé.

My favorite picture of all because this clearly depicts how we're like 😂

So many things have happened since I last updated!

I went to Beijing with the bf to celebrate my 25th last year!

Went to Tianjin for a day trip and back to my high school to visit!!! Great memories :')

Bali in Nov with the bf and our friends joined a few days later. We were there to see KYGO hahaha

My first overseas yoga class!


Pa turned 60.

Went to Thailand for our friend's wedding. Here's the girls with the groom!

And with the bride.

Us during the beach party at night.

Been 2-ish years and still in love.

The gang came to my place for Christmas. We had a BBQ on my balcony!

Went to Estonia again for work and when I came back I saw this dude standing there even though I said don't come cos I'll see him for our family dinner.

KL because my ex-boss from Red Bull got married!

The gang had their annual mahjong tournament and this year they actually bothered to do a trophy LOL super hilarious!!!

Valentine's 💐

Every year I tell him don't bother... Every year he still bothers. Our 3rd together and I'm just wondering at which year will he forget / decide no need anymore la hahahahahahaha

Last night my family wanted to play mj so here's us 🤣 My sis helping my BIL because he's Malay and can't really recognise some tiles, and my dear bf being my dad's hands.

Small acts of service like this especially for my family makes me love him and appreciate him more.

Day 54

Saturday, 23 Feb 2019

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diagonalll (avatar)

diagonalll You look so pretty in your kebaya!!

4 months ago

crystalcastles (avatar)

crystalcastles Miss your posts Sherry!!

4 months ago

ekyle (avatar)

ekyle so cute!!! and omg so fast 2 years + already????? TIME FLIES

4 months ago

snoxydonkz (avatar)

snoxydonkz @diagonalll thanks babe!! 😘😘
@crystalcastles hehe thanks I'll try and slowly come back lol hope you're doing fine!
@ekyle WHO IS CUTE???? HAHAHAHA ya la meet you soon k sorry damn busy with work these days 😭

4 months ago

ekyle (avatar)

ekyle yes please very long never see you 😭 family cute la hahahha

4 months ago

luxistar (avatar)

luxistar Awwww time flies!!! So happy for you!!! #sosweet 👍🏻😍

4 months ago

snoxydonkz (avatar)


4 months ago

luxistar (avatar)

luxistar Yes!!! Thank you so much my dear!!! 😘😘😘

4 months ago

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