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July 2018

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Q2 Update

At our friends' wedding. Technically his sec sch friend but I guess his friends are now mine and vice versa. He was a brother. I was the emcee. I love that we're involved in each other's lives.

April 2018

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Life thus far

Hi! It's been a long time. How come Dayre isn't ded yet is it false alarm? 😂 I think I come on here once a week just to catch up on everyone's lives. So happy to see everyone doing well!What have I been up to? I have to check my Instagram account hahahaha so let's see....

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Buy my stuff? 🙏🙏🙏

Hi guys!!! I'm currently decluttering my wardrobe, not to make space for new clothes lol but just because I have too many things I don't wear anymore 😅I've lost weight thus selling a bunch of shorts that I used to wear back in uni, my sister's stuff too because after converting she gave me her shorts.Skirts I used to THINK I would wear for nights out but I really am a shorts and boots kinda girl lol. I keep them thinking I'll use them some day but I really never do...

February 2018

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It hasn't been easy. He went to Vietnam for work early January, after a couple of days, I left for Estonia for onboarding at my new company, and shortly after he flew off again for this trip to Berlin & Austria.But he calls me almost every night, even with the 7 hours difference. Of course that would mean I have to either stay awake till 1am to wait for his call or fall asleep and get woken up lol but that 5 minutes make my day so much better.

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