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Dancing weekend and Father's Day:)

Helloooo my weekend was super packed and well spent again:).
Finally have Saturday morning free for me to sleep in and some me time so I woke later than usual 9ish and went for hot yoga. Good work out. Did housework( yes still haven't find a domestic helper) and went for TRDO finals! So inspired by all the talented dancers on stage. I especially Fiona, runner up of solo category, her team was also crowned champion of TRDO Chapt 4.

Here's a picture with @lovethekisses so proud of her,

So proud of her for owning the stage! ✌️✌️✌️ well done Dance Art.

Yong He Eating House 永和豆浆油条大王

Supper was at Yong He Eating house for their famous TaiWan Mee Sua and tau huey:) I love their Tau Huey, is different from the local versions.
Is situated in Geylang so it was a little creepy for all girls to go on supper in the middle of the night with all those uncles ogling😒

Sunday morning had tuition early early in the morning so I can rushed down to TP for masters as with Lee-San all the way from Japan. She danced so beautiful, evoking so much emotions and movement within a few eights.


So inspired by her. Dance-gasm for the eyes and soul:)

My dance art family:)

Father's Day lunch at Royal China dim sum! I finally get the chance to try their dimsum and I love their 流沙包! Their dim sum is DaYum! One of the best hotel I have tried!

After lunch we went to RWS and wanted to visit the trick eye museum but the wait was 2 hours long so we gave up and went to sea aquarium instead! Brought my parents to see the fishes and the things they discuss was:
Mum:" wah can the fish be eaten"
Dad:"This fish is very yummy!"

Fav picture from ytd! Mum was in shocked when the stingray came towards her! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Ops my post before was not being uploaded. It is now at the end of today's post.

Father's Day dinner with Alvin's family! We had crazy amount of food on the table. But I love taking a galore of food😋

Dinner was at Akashabu, they serve fresh sashimi and shabby shabu. Too bad I was still full from lunch and didn't eat much.

In the evening, I went to support my NTU conteminated seniors-Sigma for their black box production. A group of 9 working adults came back tgt and planned this whole production from scratch to choreographing and performing! I understand the time constraint to juggle work and dance at the same time but these dancers reminded me not to give our passion for dance. Feeling very inspired with a series of dance events going on this weekend 😊

Day 167

Monday, 16 Jun 2014

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sabrinatan (avatar)

sabrinatan I love liu sha baos!!! I wna eat all the yummy ones in spore!!

4 years ago

smileybrows (avatar)

smileybrows Try Royal China, their dimsums are really good:) but have to make reservation a few weeks before, especially when there's an occasion.

4 years ago

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