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Joogo juice cleanse day

Bus uncle just made my day, he greeted me when I board and say thank you, goodbye when we alighted😄

Some gesture like this can brighten up someone's day!✌️ Start spreading happiness vibe around:)

I am a juice cleanse today. Just one day because I won a give away on IG. Thank you #joogo!
Knowing myself, I think this will be a challenge because I am always munching something and never decline a food offer. So hiak hiak, 💪 determination and discipline shall be my motto for today!

6 bottles of cold pressed juice and that's it. Thank you @joogo for the one day juice cleanse giveaway! It helps me to detox and cleanse my body just before I head to TW! Hahaha. I am doing pretty well I must say, resisting all the temptations and surviving on liquids only. Coco is my snack drink which helps to hydrate myself throughout the day. It is actually thai coconut juice👍👍👍 my fav!!

Morning face with morning glory😄 Started my day well and it fill me up. I love breakfast and regardless of what, I always eat something in the morning to start my day right. I was really excited to start my day today😁
First mouth isn't exactly pleasing but it gets easier to drink with a couple few sips:)

Second bottle-V bomb. The ingredient sounds disgusting but it gets better when I keep drinking. Surprisingly I like it more than morning glory:) I don't like lemon water, I prefer lemon slices hence not a fan of morning glory 👍

Okay I cheated, I had banana in between my juices and portion my coco to fill up my hunger pangs.

Deep roots, my saver for hungry pangs! 3rd bottle tasting even better with red appe and green apple😊
I am trying to follow closely to the guide, drink it slowly, and chew the juice:) drinking it slowly helps to make me fuller.

I think the toughest isn't being hungry, the hunger comes and goes and constantly hydrate myself helps. The tough thing is to resist all temptations and stay away frm food visuals-Instagram!

Hmmmm I had a training course during noon time and lunch was provided! Damn sandwhich was served, black pepper chic, smoked salmon etc! How can I resist smoked salmon, my fav!!! I kept staring the the sandwhiches and almost gave in with everyone around me savoring and munching on their choice of sandwhich. It was really a test of my discipline. Glad that #joogo was very supportive and send text to remind me to start drinking my juices and spur me on when I feel like cheating.

Hiak hiak I kept asking Christina, who delivered the juices to me if I can cheat on eating smoked salmon only, that's healthy fats right? Hahaha but she was very firm and encouraging. 1 Day will pass very quickly. Hahaha So 4th bottle before I go for hot hatha flow. Yes I am doing hot yoga to further detox💪

Super tired face after yoga! I survived with juices one banana and one green apple (cheated with two fruits cause I really needed to munch before yoga)
This is really good, I think it's because of the Fuji apple and pear. I love eating broccoli too, maybe that explains why it tasted so good to me. Heeee! Okay there's hell lot of temptation around me when I get home. Daddy keep offering me food and so worried that I didn't eat anything proper the whole day. But don't worry dad, tml will resume.

Today hot yoga was really tough, I don't know if it was because the room was extremely hot compared to usual days or I hasn't been eating proper meals. But I would like to believe is the former. Because I had dizzy spells the last hot class too.

I hope juice detox helps to clear up my skin:)

Looking forward to next juice cleanse and challenge myself again. Or maybe juice cleanse with one proper healthy clean diet for lunch hahaha.
Proud that a glutton like me survived!

Day 168

Tuesday, 17 Jun 2014

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hellohueymin (avatar)

hellohueymin WAH! You this year very lucky!!! Hehe

3 years ago

sabrinatan (avatar)

sabrinatan JIAYOU!!!!! Avoid eye contact w all food today!

3 years ago

smileybrows (avatar)

smileybrows @hellohueymin hahahah YESSS I hope the next giveaway I win is a getaway!

3 years ago

smileybrows (avatar)

smileybrows @sabrinatan I was put into a v difficult and challenging setting during lunch! Hahaha but I survived. Thank you😚

3 years ago

duperach (avatar)

duperach I sat beside you also didn't noticed you took selfie at your desk w your juice! lol!

3 years ago

smileybrows (avatar)

smileybrows Skillful selfie tricks! 😆 @duperach

3 years ago

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