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Oh what a day, what a lovely day 95389

March 2019

Strawberry Boing boingEgg

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L brought home his first handiwork from playschool !

February 2019

As my husband tickled L, he laughed, giggled and suddenly said “so funny”

January 2019

L was “cutting” his toy vegetable. I pointed to the brinjal and asked “what’s this?” He said, “eggplant”. I never used that word with him before. My mom said he learnt from YouTube 😅

Is it weird that I like watching Chris leong videos?

Year 2019 resolution

By the end of year 2019, I want my BMI result to be in the normal range. I’n tired of being fat and still wearing my maternity pants 5 months after giving birth 😩 Ways to achieve: 1) intermittent fasting 2) cut out carbs unless I work out prior to a meal 3) exercise, of course! Would love to go outdoors or join some classes, but with a 5 mth old and a 2+ yr old toddler, the number of hours in a day is just not enough, so I’ll just stick to home exercise videos for now

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