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5D4N Bangkok Trip

Shall do a quick post on the Bangkok trip!

Headed to Talad Neon night market for shopping and dinner on the first night. This is us trying to photobomb weiqi’s photo hahaha.

This night market is pretty nice to shop! Bought quite a few stuff there. And we went back again on the last night to 大买特买 cos we figured we have too much money left hahaha

With our banana rotis! Couldn’t decide between the flavours so we got two hahaha.

Must eat mango sticky rice! Love their mangoes cos they’re sweet and juicy.

Pulled pork Burger | Truffle Alfredo | Crab cake Benedict

Brunch at Roast Cafe. Grabbed out specially for this cos reviews are good and the food is really yummy! Had to queue for 1 hr but we spent time shopping while we waited so time is not wasted. The crab cake was surprisingly good though it’s a tad small HAHAHA

Banana Pancakes for dessert!

And as if we are not full enough, the greedy us (or rather Weiqi 😝) decided to order another strawberry waffle. Fat die us.

Attempting a photo with the Christmas tree 🎄 Kena judged everywhere with jess’s tripod stand hahaha

Went to platinum mall to shop but sadly nth to buy. Maybe cos New Year’s eve so a few shops not open also.

Dinner at Somboon Seafood. Their signature curry crab! I think we’re the only table of 4 that ordered 2 plates of crab haha. Had to queue again but luckily not that long. Food on this day was the most memorable cos everything was so yummy we wiped everything clean 😋


Dabao supper for countdown party at the hotel cos outside is too dangerous and crowded. A bit 可惜 but safety first. First time countdown overseas. Happy 2019 ahead everyone! Played bridge and dai di until abt 3am before Leong and I had to crash.

Photo taking time!

Can someone enlighten me what is chow trying to do 😂😂😂

My highlight of the trip! Cos I’ve never really been up close with dogs before esp huge dogs 🐶 used to be scared of them but now I think they’re so adorable! Went with Weiqi cos the other two are scared of dogs haha

Meet chowder the chow chow! This should be yeeling’s pet haha the chow family.

Candids 😂 Forgot what this face is for but probably cos it kept refusing to look into the camera.

Why u no look at 📷 :(

Finally a proper one! 🤗

Hugeeee even taller than humans

CORGIS. Early morning all the dogs too active.

Doggies playing tug of war

When the bulldog starts barking

The pikachu hat 😂


MY FAVOURITE 😍😍 Pomeranians are soooo cute and fluffyyyyy! She is a princess cos she just kept sitting on the bench in front of the fan and 吹风. Dun wan play with me 😕 but since you so 可爱 I shall forgive you hehe.

Met Jess and chow at terminal 21. Lunch at their food court which is super cheap?! All these plus drinks for only 250baht ~ $10.

Dessert at After you! Queued again but I think the standard has dropped from when I visited 2 years ago? Somehow this time it doesn’t taste as nice to me.

Thai Tea Kakigori which is interesting with the hidden fillings

THIS 😍😍 walked past this shop at Siam Discovery and I was literally mesmerized by the colour!

I was telling chow, if only this is my bedroom colour, I will feel like a princess everyday 🤣

Had some authentic Thai food at Ban Khun Mae. Craving for Tom Yum Fried Rice but they dun have it on the menu :/

Our first overseas trip checked! (Genting doesn’t count hahaha).

We are two very different pairs: me and Weiqi, the everything slow motion and gluttony girls vs yeeling and Jess, the chop chop plus qin cai girls but thankfully 一切都好好 🙆🏻‍♀️

Day 4

Friday, 4 Jan 2019

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purpong (avatar)

purpong The candids 👍🏻

2 months ago

yeelingstones (avatar)

yeelingstones One thing y’all very fast! Seeing and buying tarts!

2 months ago

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