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December 2018


August 2018

假如我年少有为 不自卑懂得什么是珍贵那些美梦 没给你 我一生有愧假如我年少有为 知进退才不会让你替我受罪婚礼上 多喝几杯和你现在那位假如我年少有为 不自卑尝过后悔的滋味金钱地位 博到了却好想退回

June 2018

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人生无限公司演唱会2018-无限放大版 🎉

15 Dec 2017, 2 June 2018. Less than half a year and they're back! 🤗Like what 阿信 said, 半年后再来看一场一摸一样的演唱会, 好像有点神经病 😂 but yay this time they sang more of the popz songs that they didn't sing the previous time! although I was expecting 什么歌 and 后来的我们 which they both didn't sing 😩

May 2018


February 2018

起點是你的選擇,但結局往往不在你的掌控之中. 如果有機會選擇,我會在句點後再開始一個起跑點. 終點依然是你.

January 2018

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The beginning of a new year

Another year gone means another year older soon 😌 I foresee 2018 will be difficult cos it's quarter life crisis haha. Then jess had to remind us that only if we live till 100 then it's quarter life crisis. Else we are alr past that 😂

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