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March 2019

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A silly question to ask everyone here ...

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Any one has any idea where to get this type of dressing table other than q10sg? πŸ˜…Been seeking ideas for the house and keep changing the dressing table idea πŸ˜… I don't have much stuffs cause I don't make up make at all (but maybe in the future might?) and wanted to share the dressing table with the hub so he can place his stuff there too. Kinda hard to find the type we wantπŸ˜…#dayrereno#dayrehome

February 2019

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εˆδΈ€ πŸ–

Mandatory OOTD shot for 🐷 年

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Today marks the fourth year that you left us..

January 2019

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For the 1st time, I went to do my nails for CNY. 🀣 Normally I just reborn my hair but this year I done both 😏 Maybe next year will be adding on hair colour to the checklist, make it 3 then ☺

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Second week of 2019 and I have fallen sick and utilise my MC 🀦🏻‍♀️

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