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August 2018

Places visited- Gold coast - South Korea- China - Hong Kong - Japan- Taiwan- Manila - India - Cambodia - Thailand (Phuket, Bangkok)- Indonesia (Batam, Bintan, Bali, Yogyakarta)- Malaysia (JB, KL, Genting)- Paris- Italy- London- Scotland - Iceland ❤

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Preorder Aladdin Magic Carpet

Disney Aladdin Inspired Magic Carpet Preorder (cap 3 quantity!)Price: $25 (with min. 4 quantity including one for myself 😄)Handmade item. Can be used as face/tea/kitchen towel, placemat or wedding centrepiece mailing date: 9 OctComment below or email me

April 2018

Then, I had privileges as a newbie that others in my company didnt. My first solo travel to Kaoshiung & hotel+flight paid by my company. It was my first time trying business class but Scoots one. Also, being able to attach to clinic part time allowed me to gain some clinic experiences and leave work earlier once weekly. My clinic doctor is so nice & humble, treated us to meals often, & his Christmas presents are CRAZY extravagant & generous. He wrote me a card with a long handwritten message :)

Because more often than not i feel crappy about going to work, i need reminders that I should be thankful and quit whining.Some background: My first full-time job W was mainly retail. The main reasons I left were - working hours of 55 hrs per week :( Thats 10 more hours compared to office workers (assuming 45 hrs)- middle management - poor pay progression- bored of very repetitive job tasks

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