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March 2019

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Not so easy to take Gojek / Grab in Indonesia

Hello. It was my first time to Batam, it’s so significant an event that I want to write it down here.

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._. When I was all dedicated to exercise during my rest days, but all got to come to halt midway because my toe had an accidental mishap! *cries* It’s the most painful experience ever!

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Bad decision to re-watch Kingdom (Netflix) at 1am. Watching the second time revealed how much I was watching the first round in a hurry.Freaking reading all sorts of fan theories right now and getting mind blown:1. So is the lady physician going to create a vaccine out from the resurrection plant? 2. Did the queen have a miscarriage? Or was it menstrual blood that dripped to her shoe?3. Did the marksman deliberately feed dan i to spread the disease?4. Lord Anh / Physician Lee r/s?

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