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January 2019

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Major achievement yo gurlz!

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Remember I said I was gonna cook ratatouille? YUP. I did - went many places to look for these ingredients. In particular squash was the hardest to find, so I used a yellow zucchini I found in the city / town area cold storage.

everyone runs a different pace

Had a discussion with st, and it seems like everyone - e v e r y o n e - around us are either:- getting into a serious r/s (dating for years)- gotten their bto & gonna rom or have already rom - having their wedding in the next 12 to 24 months- pregnantThere seems to be sparingly few in my category- single af. I’m happy spending my own free time to myself, I am a loner & also a social butterfly (I admit). But I am happy being alone.

Gonna challenge myself to make healthy food for breakfast! Trying out ratatouille tonight / tomorrow; says that dish is good served next day too!

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My parents continue to get iPhone cause they are used to it, for me I continue using it because of the gazillion dollars of sunk cost. Also, unless proven otherwise, the AppStore ecosystem over at iOS is incomparable.I agree with the total unethical approach by apple has to come to a stop. Like stop the fuck with removing ports that come w the gadgets and sell a connector add-on to it. It is to my absolute horror that the new ipads does not come w an audio jack NOR an Aux adaptor.

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Pleasures in life can be as simple as feeling happy from the beautiful flowers blooming in my neighborhood.It’s super easy to forget, especially in the seriousness of things happening in our lives, to appreciate little things like these. That shot was taken with iPhone. Lately one of my 3 brothers changed over to the android side, so at home now 3:3 iOS to android system ratio is as such. With all my brothers on the other side.

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