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December 2018

I have never really stick to my new year’s resolution cause I admit I’m WEAK. I made unrealistic goals; and blame my lack of perseverance as the reason I don’t keep up to it.Before I continue; I will just write down a list (and I’m sure I will refine the list later...) but I will just do a laundry list, and later prioritize them / evaluate them to the ones I cannot compromise.

Merry Xmas Everybody! Maybe I have mentioned it, but I will re-mention it again cause it’s a super big deal - this is the first year I bought everyone (E V E R Y O N E ) gifts; and I feel good about it almost entirely. Except for one of my brothers.It’s difficult to buy for this brother, because he buys everything he needs. He is the same brother that bought the karaoke set from taobao, and it got shipped to Singapore in a crate. Yes - again a crate.Ok friend is here, update later.

money in gifts / money in dayre

Slotted my monthly contributions to my parents in the gift I gave them, and wasn’t too sure how they will not accidentally throw away the boxes that contain their allowances.- *calls dad* - “please check carefully, make sure you emptied the box”- *qns to mum to clarify she have seen it “mummy, 箱子还有别的东西”“没有啊!”*Jumps up, and wonders fk did I accidentally slot it in the wrong gift - ie the one I sent for office gift exchange!!*Heart attacks like that killed me haha.

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I post most when it’s past midnight.

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bespoke cocktail

Went on a date ytd, and was very impressed by his recommendation! It was my first time to a bespoke cocktail bar, and it was really fun to be like ordering drinks with terms like “herby”“Spicy”“Citrusy”“Smoky”The drinks were really really good - and I think you will never get the same drink again? It really depends on the mixologist that interprets and mixes up the cocktail based on your description.

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