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June 2019

I hum songs at my workstation.I find that that boost my creativity, and general well being.Cheers me on when my colleagues say - HEY LETS GO SING K TOGETHER. Ok.

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Quite excited about my upcoming trips albeit the situation and weather conditions don’t seem all that too pretty.I am also thinking of taking a 3d2n trip to KL, and neighbouring places.Hmm. Other than these expenses, I also want to try going for Invisalign. Wonder if it’s a good idea..

长大了觉得在网上留下难过的感想很愚蠢。但有时,却很想很想很想让一些久日相逢的朋友倾诉 — 诉苦一些憋在心里很久的话。因为怕被拒绝,所以不想当面讲。但又不想没人理会,所以最后还是放上网。人 — 就是那么的犯贱。人心虽难测,但当一个人很不满的时候,他的言行举止上不会太难看穿。反而,会是一目了然。有时目睹这样的情况,真的很难捉摸最佳理想的处事方式。哇。感觉自己讲的话好老。 当目睹这样的情形时…心里是很不安的。无意的—脾气好像随时会猛上来,但忍住因为知道乱发脾气 与鲁莽的行动 会照成恶性循环,事情变本加厉。说喂:“得饶人处且饶人”,有时在表面上装着不知所措 硬着头皮地躲避”问题” 是对着大局面着想,长远来说是良性的处事方式。

Am i fallin in love with reading?Or at least I’m trying. Recent read is on the everything store: Jeff bezos and the age of amazon.Pretty exciting. Especially with many established firms wanting to reinvent the engine, it really makes one wonder if the extreme has to be expected of its employee in order to achieve the abnormally high returns.Some companies promise no fat paychecks nor generous recognition, but they brand themselves as to hire the “cream of the top” “the elites of elites”...

May 2019

Is this growing up?It feels like I am reacting to things or people’s actions a level better than I did before. I think the subtle art of not feeling dejected or discouraged by people is to know WHOSE OPINION matter. I feel a little better because these days I find myself better able to discern the constructive criticism (nice au boss likes to term this as “suggestions for improvement” instead) apart from negative opinions that do not matter (or simply put, not helpful even if you rectify)

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Wa totally can’t upload anything ._.

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