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15 Nov Thurs -

3rd baking class which was also the last where we baked without the instructors guidance.

That china woman in my group did most of the baking while I did most of the washing as usual.

Did this pipping which I saw the design online. I began to tremble when I was half done. I was excited as well as nervous 😃. Not perfect but I am very proud of myself, and to be frank, I can’t be bothered with what others had done, just mind my own business.

My chocolate buttercream cake 🤤

As I had said, I hardly involved with the mixing, so when they had done with the buttercream, I told them I am going to put 2 colors into the pipping bag.

The twist of cream and pink turned out really nice 😃

Lunch was veg and 2 prawns with butter brown rice. I should had brought an egg or some luncheon meat to end the misery 😅

Anyway, class ended around 5pm after the oral and written test. And I never ever want to see that china woman again. She didn’t know how much I detest her, she is such a pest sia... alright bye, eternal bye.

My house is decaying in just a few days’ ignore 😪. There is nothing I can do about it the next day either 😂. Where got housewife so busy one 😂😅😂


16 Nov Fri -

Tampines Mall Macdonald only left with this. I want Pikachu!!! 😫😫. Should had check with the counter before ordering...

After McDonald’s lunch, Luis went NTUC with me. As usual, always short of ingredients so I had to move to Mahota.

Luis and PapaVoo took these to the car while I went Eu Yang Seng. My arms.... gonna break... Couldn’t find a big groupa so make do with seabass.

I cooked up for 10pax to celebrate my baby sis’s birthday.

Clams to be added into Tom Yum Soup.

Hubby bought it at Oakwood’s Mcdonald, happy, but he didn’t feed me with enough fries 😅

Steamed seabass was a success. But I was too slow to take a photo 😂😂

The seafood tom yum soup with crayfish I also never take photo, what a waste, it was quite a feast. I tired like hell sia but was satisfying to see everybody eat until finish.

The 3 of us, and our old father 😌.

Lychee Martini from Pine Garden was really good 🤤

My sis asked if I missed work. I am surprised that I don’t, despite of that I quite enjoy the job.

Day 321

Saturday, 17 Nov 2018

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