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7 Jun Wed -

Back to work with new toys in store. SG women don't fancy oils... so.. whatever lah...

I ordered at 5pm and 6pm they msg me to pick up the cake.

Bought the cheese one. Previously a friend bought for me to try, this time bought the whole to give it a second try.

So so only leh, why queue until 要死要活 for it? 😅😅


8 Jun Thurs -

King Luis proudly send us his selfie after eating X2 Spicy Korean Noodles.

Sausage lips and 2 magnificent rows of mucus lolxx... He said there were more in the sink 🤣🤣🤣. Laugh until flip lolxx...


9 Jun Fri -

Working at NEX this day with an encounter of a lunatic, an old one.

Lunatic: Can you check my points for me?

Me: Yes mdm, may I have your phone number? (picking up my pen and paper)

L: No no no, my phone number is PRIVATE! I say it to you, you key in the computer straight away!

So she started to shout out loud her PRIVATE NUMBER, good enough for 10 meters radius to hear her.

She thought she super star, I dying to stalk her.

L: What's current promotion?

Me: We have various GSS sets, some with discounts, some with gifts.

L: No no no I don't want all these.

Me: What product you are looking for?

L: That's why I asked you what promotion you have?!?

Siao until.... So I just kept quiet. It's not possible to have conversation with mentally unsound.

L: You just me one bottle of XXX.

I quickly took out what she want so that she could leave ASAP.

L: Honey honey! (screaming). Come and help me to take my things!

The teenage girl came forward, sharing the same expression as me: "What you want me to take for you?"

L: My phone lah! Can't you see?!?

The lunatic had only a shoulder bag to carry and nothing else. Siao until cannot handle her own phone....

Not sure the young girl's relationship with this siao old woman but I hope her agony would end soon.

Day 163

Monday, 12 Jun 2017

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