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updated 8 months ago

Never update cos I gotten too excited... instead of Chiang Mai, I am heading to OKINAWA!!! 🏝🎌. The airtix of both places about the same sia, then I might as well go Japan, more atas lolxx...

I was like on the laptop 24hrs X a few days for research, then airbnb or hotel, one day tour or not etc.... Solo trip will be in Apr ✌🏻✌🏻. So BKK in Dec, Siem Reap in Feb then Apr Okinawa.

Siem Reap confirm going with filming crews of ζ˜ŸζœŸδΊŒη‰Ήε†™ πŸŽ₯

It’s either no concrete plans yet or my sis didn’t want me to get too involve. I just do what’s instructed ba.


19 Nov Mon -

Went JB with my sistas, nephew and niece. We stayed in KSL only. Could had stay on till for the night market but needed to go cos I worried my baby sis would get too tired. She still jet-lagging lolxx..

Breakfast was awesome here.

Some deep fried yong tau foo.

Rice rolls so soft and smooth, will eat this again!


We walked into a random hair salon.

I gotten my hair rebonded at S$50. Till today still good. I just die die won’t do it in Singapore de. The result is the same as $300 in local salon. No hell can tell the difference.

We went for massage.

Then a heavy tea-break.

We had soup of course, noodles, some dishes and Caramel θ±†θŠ±γ€‚

Bought salted lava cheese cake from Moonlight. This one, the cake taste like cloud🀀🀀 It’s a MUST BUY in KSL liao.

Also many packs of milo powder, it’s half the price of here!! Then we head back before 5pm but still jam a little.

Day 330

Monday, 26 Nov 2018

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