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5 Dec Wed -

Went to the doctor in the morning, was crowded like McDonald’s, so I took a queue number and went home.

Continued to clear the fridge for lunch.

Not too bad lah. Ate with konjac rice but my weight remained rather stagnant.

Then went to the doc. Foot muscle inflamed that caused me walked like a 80yo grandma 😪. Becos of this problem I couldn’t exercise, making lose weight difficult.

I probably wouldn’t be able to walk so much in BKK le...

This day, I left house work alone, tried to rest my foot. It’s the first time after I resigned I feel relaxed and in control of life. I finally got ample time to settle chores and do what I like.

I sat on bed watched 烈火如歌. Male lead was a half immortal 😍😍. Female lead pretty even without makeup.

Love it.

Dinner with hubby at Wang Yuan, their braised pig trotter was delicious 🤤. One bowl of rice wasn’t enough, but I had to stop.


6 Dec Thurs -

I want, but I think not possible to get. Can use to put my bottles of skincare, looks so pink and cute 🎀💗

Saw ppl selling in Carousel double or triple the price. I hope ppl won’t buy from them so that these wicked black market can die with their mountain of Their Melody 😏

Day 342

Saturday, 8 Dec 2018

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