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10 Jun Sat -

Last mid nite was online with a buyer. I successfully sold off the SKII bathrobe. Told King Luis to run the errand for me and let him have the entire deal of $15 while I went to the bank with Darren to settle his faulty bank token late morning.

Cos when he called the stupid fellow said must pay to get a new token. Hello! Your token spoil for no reason we need to pay arh???

So I went down with him to make sure my son don't blur blur pay.

The urgency came about when his contract employment needed his bank statement. I really don't know why, isn't giving the bank account number sufficient enough?

It was a very warm morning, so warm that we just wanted to get home ASAP. But the moment we reached home, we were hungry 😑

I retrieved Darren's bank statement, print screen and saved in thumb drive.

Hardly had time to catch a breath, hubby came home from work just in time to drive me to Parkway to work.

I had it all planned out to print kiddo's bank statement at the work place, but the printer die die won't print. I think my company had selfishly locked it.

No biggie, I went to one photo service shop, paid 50 cents to get a print out.


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Tuesday, 13 Jun 2017

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