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17 Jun Sat -

Dolled swee swee to Yayoi Kusama art exhibition. A gang of us, my hubby, 2 kid sisters, niece and a family friend.

Not a cultured person, I enjoyed their companion more than the exhibition.

The artist is very extreme with a different state of mind from normal beings. To me, her works are simple, reflecting her child like mind set; yet compulsive, confined and confused.

She displays her work not only within frames but in a room. So this yellow room with black polka dots was kind of "suffocating" to me.

It took myself a min to smile.

It's a world of colours, a world that not all can understand....

There were also exhibits for kids, we θΏ”θ€θΏ˜η«₯, laughed a lot.

When asked hubby to take photo.... πŸ˜ͺ

Asked my sis for help. Same background, slight adjustment of posture, VOLA! Made this my FB profile pic so that lesser friend requests from bots.

After the exhibition went Mayer at Aperia to grab a slow juicer + air fryer $109 only!!! Going to sell off the air fryer.

Reached home around 5pm, exhausted but couldn't really sleep. We had mala pot for dinner.

Reached the house door, but dashed out to CV for Unown D. We went to the wrong lane, reached there with less than 2mins left. My heart nearly stop beating πŸ˜‚. The crowd was amazing, the fun was beyond description.

I was wasting a lot of time not sleeping early, yet not doing anything to the house.

The house will rot for another 4days while I am at work 😞

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Monday, 19 Jun 2017

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