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22 Nov Thurs -

I moved my laptop to the dinner table temporarily for “serious business”. Looking at various air tix was very time consuming.

Had dinner at Pasir Ris Hawker. Over dinner gotten “permission” from him to go Okinawa. In case he changed his mind, I actually booked immediately when I got home lolxx..

After dinner we went 2nd floor to ta bao dinner for son, while waiting bought $5 ice cream 😁😁

So happy, a solo trip at long last where nobody will hold me responsible if I lost the way, I only need to take care of myself and pack my own luggage. I no need to accommodate any one, no need to catch up with anybody. I DO WHATEVER I WANT. Freeeeeeeedom!!! Holy f**k.


23 Nov Fri -

Initially wanted Airbnb but realised that most doesn’t have lift. Carry luggage up jia lug, carry down even more jia lug. Also taking into consideration that I might need help, it’s easier to seek it over a hotel’s reception.

So I looked into the entire day. The thing I like about this website is that it shows the distances from the hotel to airport, various attractions, train/bus station and supermarket.


24 Nov Sat -

Settled with Naha West Inn, 4 nights $295, a big room of 22m2 with washing machine, good deal.

While looking at the accommodation, looked at the attractions too, so might as well I jot them down. Since jot down already, I started to put them nicely into my 5 days itinerary. Apr’s travel now planning, very kia su lolxx... But I am really excited 😁😁

Day 332

Wednesday, 28 Nov 2018

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