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17 Nov Sat -

Had been neglecting him a bit, so bring him out to airport to catch pokemon. Yes, he is like a son most of the time. He irritates the hell out of me but I couldn’t bear to dump him. I wouldn’t dump him lah, 20years ago, I vowed to take care and love him for the rest of my life.

We quarreled again, then he felt giddy so the quarrel was cut off 😪. He’s getting weak, soon will be weaker than me, no surprise.

This was late lunch.

Mango rice was their best. We are going to eat more in BKK soon.


18 Nov Sun -

Had noodles at Bedok Market Place. $5 for a small diet bowl, but was freaking good. Spize was still operating. Despite of the food poisoning incident I will still visit at it’s Bedok outlet.

Then went here for the fun of it to get a laundry basket 😅😅

Mid noon, back home, I asked PapaVoo to teach our children mahjong 😂😂

They were amused by how brain storming this game is. They thought it’s for old folks only.

It’s going to be a weekend family get together game for a month or so. The boys already can’t wait for this weekend.

After mahjong I stayed over in Oakwood cos next morning going JB.

Day 326

Thursday, 22 Nov 2018

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