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SAHM on get FIT journey

May 2019

I was angry because it seems u never grow accustomed to the morning routine even after months of doing it. I was angry because U always use ur stress in work as excuse. Hello every other father has the same stress but people still can do the simple routine of preparing & sending their kids to school in peace, you moron.

April 2019

I've been trying to pack early for this trip, end up packing not yet done! Plan to sleep at 10pm but I think earliest I can hit the sack is 11pm lor.

He has never read any books to the son b4 bedtime, to a point that my son rejects him when he tried to. He has never play with the son during weekend, so the son become super clingy to him as I think he desires for the dad to play with him. I will always eavesdrop whenever they are alone. I never ever heard of him playing with the son.

IF since 3pm till 8am, only have some drinks in between, drop 1kg from ytd weight. Jz dunno why my weight goes up so much from eating too little. Today need start fasting at 7pm. Sigh. My struggle with weight.

For the 1st time ever I asked the Hb to bring the son for bfast & hair barber alone. We woke up late today ie 9am. And as usual, in his rush tone he asked us to get ready for bfast. All while I was cleaning up the son as he wet himself. As I was changing him, the Hb said he will bath 1st. Ok lor. But I don't hear any shower rain sound from bathroom.

61.7kg. Slowly but surely.

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